Overview and RationaleFor this assignment, you will be sequencing all your proje

Overview and RationaleFor this assignment, you will be sequencing all your project’s activities and identifying the criticalpath.Program and Course OutcomesThis assignment is directly linked to the following key learning outcomes from the coursesyllabus:? Produce a closed network diagram and critical path using an activity list and itssequences and describe its importance in project planning and management.? Construct a project schedule through the iterative analysis of activity sequences,dependency, durations, logical relationships, resources (materials, manpower,equipment, supplies, etc.), requirements, constraints, and assumptionsIn addition to these key learning outcomes, you will also have the opportunity to evidencethe following skills through completing this assignment:? Critical thinking and analysis? Technical Competency? Problem solvingEssential Components & InstructionsFor this assignment, your starting point is the MsProject file you submitted during Lesson 2.Ensure that you update your MS Project file based on the feedback I provided prior tostarting this assignment. This week you will begin scheduling and assigning costs to yourproject. Remember that MsProject Demos are available to provide you detailed instructionsfor how to complete the various tasks associated with this assignment. Please follow thesteps below:Sequencing Instructions:1. Update your project file based on any feedback given previously. If assignment isnot correctly updated, then points will be deducted.2. Add Project Management Processes to your WBS if you have not already done so.This will need to include the PM processes that would be consistent with theplanning, executing, controlling, and closing activities.o You will need to create appropriate deliverables (adjective / noun format)o You will need to create appropriate activities (action verb / adjective / nounformat)o Sequence the activitieso You will need to estimate times (be sure to differentiate between duration &effort / work)3. Sequence all your activities using the predecessor/successor columns to create aclosed network diagram. Please see multimedia video in the MS Project TutorialFolder showing you how to ensure you have a closed network diagram.4. Add lead time to at least 2 task relationships with an explanatory note5. Add lag time to at least 1 task relationship with an explanatory note6. Add a constraint to at least 2 tasks and provide a note explaining why the task isconstrained (make certain that the constraint does not create a conflict in theproject schedule)7. View your critical path (It should go from the beginning of the network diagram tothe end. If it does not, then you may need to enable multiple critical pathsin MsProject. You can do this by choosing Tools/Options, clicking the Calculationtab, and selecting the “Calculate multiple critical paths” check box.)8. Create a note in Line 1 of your MsProject file where you tell me what tasks are onthe critical path. Be sure you tell me the correct critical path, which may or may notbe the tasks highlighted in MsProject.FormatBelow are some key guidelines you will want to ensure you follow in this assignment.Think of this short list as a quality control checklist, along with the attached grading rubric.? All activities must be sequenced with a predecessor and successor? Deliverables and work packages should not be sequenced? View your network diagram and make sure you have a closed network diagram? You have not entered sentences or prepositional phrases in your MsProject file? Submission is free of grammatical errors and misspellingsPlease be sure to review the attached rubric. It along with these assignment instructionswill ensure you have a solid understanding of the assignment requirements.

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