Please provide a 1 paragraph response to include intext citation and reference l

Please provide a 1 paragraph response to include intext citation and reference listedHello, in any kind of research, ethical consideration is a critical part, and there is always the need for ethical approval be different bodies before research can commence. Ethics are basically standards or beliefs that help determine what is right and what is wrong or what is generally acceptable and what unacceptable (Resnik, 2015) is. Jabari, your discussion is not clear enough and does not see to highly the ethical considerations that will arise will conducting the research focusing on elementary institutions. However, considering the fact that your target population is elementary institutions, there are numerous ethical considerations to look into when carrying out the study to ensure children, teachers and the elementary institutions, in general, are not harmed during the study. First, it is important to obtain informed consent to ensure the institutions participating in the study will be fully informed about the study that is being conducted. The children and teachers in the participating elementary schools ought to be informed about the aim of the research, how it will be conducted and any potential impacts of their participation in general. What’s more, the study ought to be conducted during appropriate times to avoiding harming the children in these institutions. For instance, the study can be done during break times or other times when the children are not in classes to avoid disturbing their learning lessons.
Another ethical consideration is ensuring confidentiality by simply ensuring that any identifying information is not made available to inappropriate parties. It is important to ensure the identified information is kept confidential and not included in public reports or published documents which are revealing. All these practices will highly impact the credibility and integrity level of the study since it is what will decide the dependability and relevance of the information gathered for the study. Jabari, your arguments do not reveal the ethical considerations you would look into in your doctoral study; thus the discussion is not fulfilling.
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