Task1: (Language C#)This task should take less than 10 minsIn that lab, we creat

Task1: (Language C#)This task should take less than 10 minsIn that lab, we created a convertorclass and implemented 5 methods for converting distances from one unit to another:a. Miles to Feet b. Feet to Inches c. Feet to Miles d. Inches to Feet e. Miles to inchesIn this lab, you will be implementing these methods as anonymous methods using lambda expressions within a single method/function, instead of separate functions. You must also check for invalid inputs and prompt the user before passing these onto the functions. You should still prompt the user to specify what unit conversion they want to perform as well as the distance they need converted. Your program should make the appropriate method call based on the responses from the user.Task 2: (Language C#)In this task you will use an anonymous method to perform string manipulations. You may implement the code in a different function within the class that contains theMain()method. Given a string of digits, you are to write a program that converts that string into English words. For example, 2905 should return “two thousand, nine hundred and five”. Assume that the maximum number of digits your program accepts is 9. Use an anonymous function that accepts a string and returns a string. This utility is useful in financial applications that need to convert amounts to text for reporting purposes.Additionally, implement another function that converts a text of words to numbers. As anexample, the “three hundred and five” should return 305 as an answer.For this task your user is asked to specify which action they are interested in performing: i.e. number to words or words to numbers. Based on their selection, call the appropriate anonymous function.

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