Trust and Privacy

TOPIC 1: Trust and Privacy
One of the most visible and contentious issues today is privacy on the internet. We have seen examples of how private and potentially harmful information has been collected and subsequent released. We know that some consumers are so concerned with privacy that they are reluctant to do business on the net.
Read: Esther’s Dyson’s Article
Based on your reading of the article as well as your own perspective regarding the topic of privacy on the internet, react to the followiong questions.
1. Who owns a customer’s information? Who should profit from it? How would that work?
2. Is anonymity the best solution to privacy?
3. What is the difference between privacy and data security, and how should that difference affect the way we use customer data?
4. Compare the situation of Big Business versus Big Brother having detailed information about you.
Feel free to comment on any aspect of privacy on the internet not discussed directly by the article.

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