Earths Environment

GEOG 170A Earths Environment: An Introduction to Physical GeographySpring 2017Assignment 1: Earths Global Temperatures Past, Present and FutureInstructionsExplore the following web pages and the links in them to related online webpages/articles on these sites.Use the information you find to answer the following questions in paragraph form. Expect to write 1 4paragraphs per question, for a total of 2 5 pages of text, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12point type.Provide a parenthetical citation of your sources (e.g. (NOAA Climate) or (NPS)). You do not need toinclude a bliography if you stick to the webpages listed below. If you use other sources, include a fullbibliography (APA style) on a separate page, as well as parenthetical citations in your text.Do not quote the articles, but rather convey the ideas and information in your own words. You may usegraphs and images from the articles, but if you do, include a caption with a title and brief description anda link to the webpage on which you found the graph/image. Be sure to explain how the image relates toyour answer – your answer cannot simply be a graph youve taken from an online article.Resources:National Park Service: Climate Has Changed Throughout Earth’s HistoryNOAA Climate: What’s the Hottest Earth’s Ever Been?NOAA Paleoclimatology: A Paleo Perspective on Abrupt Climate ChangeQuestions1. Review the two images included on pages 2 and 3 below that illustrate geologic time scales and theterminology used to denote them. Then, briefly characterize Earths climate throughout geological timeduring the following eras. Note when (in millions of years ago [mya]) there were ice ages and when theEarth was likely free of ice caps:Paleozoic EraMesozoic EraCenozoic Era2. Discuss in more detail the fluctuating climates during the Pleistocene epoch (which is in the Cenozoicera).3. Explain the major causes of this climate fluctuation during the Pleistocene epoch.4. Explain the concept of a positive feedback and discuss 3 major examples of positive feedbackmechanisms that have influenced major changes in Earths climate regimes.5. What is abrupt climate change? Explain when and how climate may have shifted abruptly in the past(check out the info on the Younger Dryas). Is the possibility of abrupt climate change of concern for ourfuture?1 Title: The Geologic Time Scale Description: A creative and artistic depiction of fossil layers. Image Credit: Ray Troll. Accessedonline: What is the Geologic Time Scale? 2 Title: Tables of geological time Author: Franois Bienvenue Sources: Parc national de MiguashaYear: 2007 Description: Major subdivisions of geological times. Ages in millions of years (Ma) were accredited by theInternational Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) in 2004. Accessed online: Miguasha National Park: Notions of geologic time 3

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