moral obligation isMoral obligation can arise with either consent or benefits alone.

The primary point of Sandels discussion of consent versus benefit based moral obligation isMoral obligation can arise with either consent or benefits alone.There is no moral obligation until benefits have been received.Moral obligation requires both consent and benefits.There is no moral obligation without a contract.Flag this QuestionQuestion 2 1 ptsKantian freedom isTo act according to the laws of nature.The ability to satisfy our desires.Successfully avoiding pain and achieving happiness.Is to act according to a law I give myself.Flag this QuestionQuestion 3 1 ptsAccording to Aristotle, virtues are primarilyEnforced by rewards and punishments.Acquired through training and practiced.Limitations on our freedom imposed by dogmatists.Innate.Flag this QuestionQuestion 4 1 ptsWhich of the following is not a reason why Sandel thinks actual contracts may lack moral force?They fail to uphold the right to basic needs of the poor.None of these are reasons cited by Sandel.They fail to uphold autonomy because of difference in bargaining power.They fail to uphold reciprocity because of a difference in knowledge.Flag this QuestionQuestion 5 1 ptsAccording to Sandel, what would Kant say if a murderer came to your door looking for your friend and asks is your friend in your house?Since the murderer would violate the categorical imperative, you are not obligated to tell him the truth.You should say you aren’t certain because if you aren’t looking at your friend at that moment then it is technically true. (A misleading truth)It would be okay to tell a white lie in order to save a life.Morality requires you to answer truthfully and say your friend is in your house.

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