The majority of the world’s population is supported by which type of agricultural system?

1.The majority of the world’s population is supported by which type of agricultural system?peasantslash and burncommercialnomadism2.Cultural geographer Carl Sauer suggested that plant domestication originated withsedentary people in hilly areashunters and gatherers in hilly areasnomadic herders in the grasslandshungry people in grasslands3.The main characteristic of nomadic herding israising horses and camels as draft animalsraising livestock, such as goats and camels, to sell at marketcontinued movement of people and their animals in search of foragemaximizing the use of fertile lands4.Which is true about the U.S. rectangular survey system?All lines are oriented to the cardinal directions.Section changes were made to accommodate terrain variations, such as rivers.Thirty sections comprise a 30 square mile township.The basic unit is the 450 acre section.5.In southern Nepal, farmers grow paddy rice and wheat. After harvesting the rice, the paddies are drained, leveled, plowed, and sown with wheat. After the wheat harvest, the paddy fields are prepared for rice again. This is an example ofintertillagea Green Revolution innovationdouble croppingplantation agriculture6.You are flying in an airplane over central Europe. The clouds break and the agricultural landscape is revealed. The field pattern you see isregularunit-blockfragmentedcadastral7.If you were to analyze agricultural production based on Von Thnen’s model, what spatial pattern would you find?Less-perishable products are grown closer to the market.Land values are lower closest to the market.Investment in non-transport related energy inputs is highest nearest the market.Intensity of production increases with increasing distances from the markets.8.Your doctor has ordered you to remove all American Indian food from your diet. Which of the following could you still eat?pizza with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and dried chile pepperspumpkin pie and vanilla ice creama corn tortilla and refried beanslemon pie and coffee9.According to the Von Thnen model of land use, which of the following would be located farthest from the market?dairy farmsgrain farmslivestock ranchesmarkets gardens10.The American rectangular survey system was developed after the Revolutionary War toparcel out federally owned land to pioneersadminister the newly settled regions west of the Mississippi Riverprovide each farmer with a relatively equal variation in soil type and terrainensure each farmer was of equal distance form the market

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