Which of these characteristics is not encompassed under public opinion?

Question 1 ptsWhich of these characteristics is not encompassed under public opinion?ValuesPolitical ideologyAttitudesWealthFlag this QuestionQuestion 2 ptsThe American political system is typically characterized as a _________ system.third-partymulti-partyone-partytwo-partyFlag this QuestionQuestion 3 ptsFrom 1890 to 1950, the idea that individuals were treated fairly and had equal protection under the U.S. Constitution fell under an approach known asequal protection.racial discrimination.separate but equal.civil rights.Flag this QuestionQuestion 4 ptsWhat U.S. president established the precedent of not seeking more than two terms in office?Abraham LincolnJohn AdamsGeorge WashingtonThomas JeffersonFlag this QuestionQuestion 5 ptsWhen a citizen votes for a candidate who currently holds office, what message is that voter sending?Registering opposition to the current governmentAffirming support for the current governmentAffirming support for a future governmentRegistering opposition to a past governmentFlag this QuestionQuestion 6 ptsHow many states require that eligible voters be registered in order to vote?No states38 states49 statesAll statesFlag this QuestionQuestion 7 ptsThis movement sought to end racial discrimination in the United States.Racial Discrimination MovementCivil Rights MovementCivil Liberties MovementVoting Rights MovementFlag this QuestionQuestion 8 ptsAll individuals who qualify for government assistance can receive it, without regard for their race, gender, creed, or color. This falls under theFree Exercise Clause.Privileges and Immunities Clause.Non-Discriminatory Clause.Equal Protection ClauseFlag this QuestionQuestion 9 ptsThis amendment gave women the right to vote in 1920.19th21st24th27thFlag this QuestionQuestion 10 ptsWho or what is most likely to contribute the most money to political campaigns, thus having the loudest voice in modern American politics?A political action committee (PAC)A medium-sized businessAn elderly pensionerA college student

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