Global Warming.

Homework Set 5Complete the following homework problems from your textbook Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast: Page 40 #1 and #2 Page 70 #1 and #2 Page 84 #1 #2 and #4Submit your answers in a Word document to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.Page 40 #1Why don’t most of the gases in the Earth’s atmosphere contribute to the greenhouse effect?Page 40 #2Does the band saturation effect prevent global warming from CO2? If not what effect does it have?Page 70 #1How can we predict a change in climate 100 years from now if we cannot forecast a rainstorm more than 10 days out?Page 70 #2Is the Earth’s energy budget to space in balance? Answer: yes and no. Your task: Explain your answer.Page 84 #1Explain why a stabilizing feedback is called negative .Page 84 #2Describe and characterize as positive negative or unknown feedbacks associated with ice water vapor clouds ocean circulation and the carbon cycle.Page 84 #4What factors determine the climate impact of a cloud?

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