How What can be said about it drawing on literature is has grown?

Refer to the Course Project Overview inCourse Home.What can be said about it drawing on literature is has grown? Research it using your textbook and Argosy University online library resources. A minimum of 5 sources in addition to your textbook should be used. At least three of those sources should be peer-reviewed journal articles. The remaining 2 sources may be books journal articles or reputable web sites (like those from professional organizations or governmental agencies not Wikipedia or similar sites).Review the rubric as it provides detailed instructions on how best to succeed on this assignment. In the rubric you will find that you need to address the following in a paper:Write a 45-page paper in Word format. Remember to use the rubric as you write your paper. Apply APA standards to citation of sources and include an APA style title/cover page and reference page. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M3_A2.doc.ByWednesday May 24 2017 deliver your assignment to theM3: Assignment 2 Dropbox.Working aheadUsing the feedback provided to you by your peers and instructors finalize your interview questions and conduct the interview with a mental health professional in preparation for the paper due inModule 5.Organization(12 points): Introduction Thesis Transitions ConclusionUsage and Mechanics(12 points): Grammar Spelling Sentence StructureAPA Elements(16 points): Attribution Paraphrasing QuotationsStyle(4 points): Audience Word Choice

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