Targets security centerwas warned of the invasion but did nothing.

Starting in the spring of 2014 eBay was subjected to a series of security intrusionsinto its database of user passwords. The breach occurred when hackerscompromised some employee login credentials giving them access to the eBaysystem. It took over two months for eBay to know it had been compromised. TheeBay hack came on the heels of the massive Target hack. Targets security centerwas warned of the invasion but did nothing. At Neiman Marcus alarms were set offas credit card data was being stolen. Sony with its enormously large and successfulCloudbased gaming system the PlayStation network also was attacked. Intrusionsresulted in compromising financial data including credit card numbers for literallymillions of participants. Moreover this was not a single giant assault but a series ofrecurring attacks (apparently conducted by a collective) that Sony’s security expertsseem to have been unable to stem. The result has been huge financial losses for thecompany and potentially more seriously damage to its reputation that it may neverbe able to repair.You can read about these hacks in the following articles.Mac Ryan (2014). California joins other states in investigation of EBay hack. M. Elgin B. Lawrence D. and Matlack. C. (2014). Missed alarms and 40million stolen credit card numbers: How Target blew it. March 13 2014. B. Lawrence D. and Riley M. (2014). Neiman Marcus hackers set of 60 000alerts while bagging credit card data Feb 21 2014. E. (2011) Attacks on Sony others show it’s open hacking season. CNETNews. Retrieved June 13 2011 from E. (2011) Who is behind the hacks? (FAQ). CNET News. Retrieved June 14 2011 from you should consider some of the things that the security experts say aboutsuch challenges. Here are two useful articles that discuss information security in thecontext of Cloud based systems and how to respond to incidents:Rudman R.J. (2010). Incremental Risks in Web 2.0 Applications. The ElectronicLibrary 28(2) 210230.[ProQuest]Lanois Paul. (2011). Privacy in the age of the cloud. Journal of Internet Law. 15(6) 317.[ProQuest]When you have read through the articles and related material and believe that youhave a reasonable understanding of the hacking situations compose a 4-6 pagecritical analysis paper on the topic:Clearly there are multiple possible answers that you probably will find during yourresearch on this issue theres no one necessarily best answer although it is prettyclear that good solutions will have to be both social and technical (i.e. sociotechnical) in nature. Your paper will be assessed primarily on how well you areable to support your viewpoint with the literature and the evidence. Obviously asnoted below this will obligate you to actually be able to present such evidence in anacademically respectable manner.NEED AT LEAST 3 REFERENCES-COMBINATION OF THE ONES ABOVE AND YOUR OWN. IN-TEXT CITATIONS REQUIRED-MUST MATCH REFERENCES APA FORMAT AND LESS THAN 5% TURN IT IN SCORE!!!

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