Technology and Future.

First and foremost remember to go very carefully through all of the required materials before starting this assignment. There are two short videos and two short articles plus two in-depth book chapters to go through. There are also some optional readings in the background materials that you can use for your paper. It is important to make sure you understand the ins and outs of Open Space Technology and Future Search before starting on this assignment so make sure to go through the readings and videos carefully before you start on this paper.For this assignment you will be going through four scenarios. For each scenario cite at least two of the readings from the background readings to support your answer. You need to cite at least four of the readings total for your paperthese can include both required and optional readings listed in the background materials. Your paper should be 45 pages in length:For this assignment continue to write about the current organization you work for or one that you worked for in the past. Before writing this paper make sure to thoroughly review the background readings. Think carefully about how Open Space Technology and Future Search could be used at your organization. Then write a 3-page paper addressing the following questions. Make sure to cite at least three of the required readings in your paper:To start out this module view these two videos for a basic introduction to the large group intervention methods Open Space Technology and Future Search. These are short animated videos that will explain the basics of these methodsPashley S. (2012). Open Space. NHS Research and Development Forum. (2010). Kaapz and Future Search read these two articles for a basic overview of large group interventions such as Future Search and Open Space Technology:Nixon B. (1998). Creating the futures we desire – getting the whole system into the room: Part I. Industrial and Commercial Training 30(1) 4-11. [ProQuest]Leith M. (1996). Organizational change and large group interventions. Career Development International 1(4) 19-23. [ProQuest]Finally take a closer and more detailed look at Future Search and Open Space Technology with these final two readings that are highly important for your assignments. You will be required to cite these readings in your papers:Norum K. E. (2005). Chapter 15: Future Search conversation. In Dialogue as a Means of Collective Communication (pp. 323-333). Springer Science & Business Media B.V. / Books. [Business Source Complete]Rogers J. (2010). Large group interventions. Facilitating Groups. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education. Pp. 98-104 [EBSCO eBook Business Collection. Note: this is a section at the end of Chapter 3 of this book]For some comprehensive guides to Future Search and Open Space Technology written by the original creators of these methods see the following books:Weisbord M. R. & Janoff S. (2010). Future Search: Getting the Whole System in the Room for Vision Commitment and Action. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler drafters [EBSCO eBook Academic Collection]Owen H. (2008). Open Space Technology: A User’s Guide (3rd Edition). Williston VT USA: Berrett-Koehler drafters. [EBSCO eBook Academic Collection]

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