The ebusinesssector as a component of the information technology revolution currently under way.

The Case Assignment for this module involves your understanding the ebusinesssector as a component of the information technology revolution currently under way.Please use some of these sources as well as your own; while we strongly encourage you to conduct your own further research and identify additional useful sources this should be an add on to the basic material rather than a substitute for it.Winter S. (2012). The rise of cyberinfrastructure and grand challenge foreCommerce. Information Systems and eBusiness Management 10(3) 279293.Barrett T. (2014). The Internet of things. Ted Talk A. (2012). Discover the physical side of the Internet. T. (2012). Shopping in 2020: What will the future of ecommerce look likd. S. (Jul/Aug 2007): Understanding Web 2.0. IT Professional Magazine.9(4) 3441.[Proquest].Ranganathan C. & Seo D. B. (2006). The snakes and ladders game in ebusiness:digital transformation at American Hardware Depot.(The Home Depot Inc. investingin American Hardware Depot’s electronic business). Journal of Cases on InformationTechnology 8(4) 112.[Proquest]Agnew J. & Sindhav B. (2009). An Ecommerce business model of peer to peerinteractions among consumers. Journal of Cases on Information Technology 11(2) 1221.[Proquest]Seizing the potential of ‘mcommerce’ to add consumer value. (2008). ECR Journal 8(1) 7.For another view of the Internet future from the Chinese perspective: is a discussion of crowdsourcing and used for cyber terrorismJared Cohen former US State Department staffer and director of Google Ideas says technology can help eliminate totalitarian regimes like North Korea. Cohen coauthoredthe book The New Digital Age with Google executive chairman EricSchmidt. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt argues that the smartphone will helptransform the lives of people in developing economies for the better in the comingyears. Schmidt coauthored the book The New Digital Age with former U.S. StateDepartment staffer and director of Google Ideas Jared Cohen. addition the optional readings expand on many of the central points you mayalso want to do some independent research of your own to clarify any issues thatconcern you.Yang Hongwei (2013). Bon apptit for apps: Young Americans consumersacceptance of mobile applications. The Journal of Computer Information Systems 53(3) 8596.When you have read through the articles and related material compose a 4-6 pagecritical analysis paper as outlined above on the topic:Describe three big developments in ebusiness that will become commonplace bythe year 2020. Explain why you selected each development and the impact it willhave on society and on businesses.NEED AT LEAST 3 REFERENCES-FROM ABOVE AND YOUR OWN. IN-TEXT CITATIONS REQUIRED-MUST MATCH REFERENCES APA FORMAT AND LESS THAN 5% TURN IT IN SCORE!!!

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