The majority of the types of radiation are not harmful.

Question 1heat strokeheat exhaustionheat syncopeheat crampsQuestion 2Cardiovascular diseasesMusculoskeletal disordersHearing disordersInfectious diseasesQuestion 3Occupational deafnessTemporary threshold shiftPermanent threshold shiftAcoustic traumaQuestion 430 degrees Celsius32 degrees Celsius34 degrees Celsius37 degrees CelsiusQuestion 5The human body resonates at a certain frequency and is able to heal itself.The majority of the types of radiation are not harmful.Natural radiation emanating from the earth is protective to humans.A dose of a carcinogen below a certain threshold will reduce its cancer incidence rate.Question 6Question 71. Discuss the effects that extreme temperatures can have on the human body. How can an individual protect himself/herself from these effects?Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

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