What kinds of websites haveyou had experience with?

Basically we’re asking here for you to reflect on your own experience with ebusinessshopping banking information seeking etc. What kinds of websites haveyou had experience with? What sorts of transactions have you had? With what sortsof results? How about your friends and family? Any real successes or problems?What is your current opinion of online economic activity? Do you see it changing inthe near or long term future? What might have to happen to cause you to changeyour opinion?In some cases you might want to go online and do a little research about thecompanies you’re talking about and some of the kinds of technology involved in yourtransactions. This might help you be more effective in your critique of certainexperiences the more you know the better you are able to evaluate what actuallyhappened.Sothink about these things and then prepare a short (23 page) papersummarizing your experiences as described above and your evaluation of them.The following items will be assessed in particular:NEED AT LEAST 1 REFERENCE. IN-TEXT CITATIONS REQUIRED-MUST MATCH REFERENCES APA FORMAT AND LESS THAN 5% TURN IT IN SCORE!!!

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