Explain the influence of Governance and Ethics.

Create 10- to 12-slide MS PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes based on the company selected in Week 3 Individual Assignment. The presentation should include the results of the Week 3 Environmental Scan, the Week 4 Strategy Formulation, in addition to describing the Strategy Implementation and Evaluation and Control. 
company is picked is  StickerGiant 

Internal and External Environmental Scan (Week 3)
Long Term Goals and Objectives (Week 4)
Business Management Strategy (Week 4)
Strategy Implementation 

Discuss International Strategy.
Discuss Strategic Implementation.
Explain the influence of Governance and Ethics.
Discuss the Company Social Value.
Discuss Innovation and Diversification.
Discuss Legal limitations. 

Evaluation and Control

Explain Strategic Metrics.
Discuss Key Financial Ratios. 

Cite at least 3 scholarly references.

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