Examining the challenges of communication skills in project management students in Australia.

Topic: Examining the challenges of communication skills in project management students in Australia.

I need with relevant articles from last five years (2013-2018) articles.

This is the first deliverable of your group that will be due in week 8. The task requires your group to develop an outline proposal of approximately 1500 words excluding references with key information about your intended project. This document essentially outlines the what, why and how of the group research project.  Your group will discuss the research ideas of each group member as explained in the conception phase, prioritise each project idea and eventually agree upon the group research topic for further adoption in assignment 2. In case of disagreement, your group must adopt the topic of a group member who has achieved the highest overall mark in assignment 1.

You should use the guidelines provided within the detailed research proposal template (see Part 2C) for completing the required sections as applicable. The outline proposal should include the following components.

A description of the final research topic
A brief rationale to justify the need and significance for the project.
Research questions or hypothesis (up to three questions)
A brief Methodology
Expected research findings and their implication.
A list of recent main scholarly articles relevant to your group topic that will inform your literature review. (List a minimum of 10 papers using Harvard style)

Assessment Criteria

This part will be assessed based on the following criteria:

The accuracy and viability of the research project 40%
Alignment between all sections of the proposal 20%.
Relevance and credibility of cited scholarly sources 20%.
The format, language and presentation 20%.


its my individual task so I need with 500 words!

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