Explanation of what versioning is and why versioning of a program is necessary.

Iterative testing is an essential element of Agile. This requires  tracking the changes made and making sure all members of the team have  the correct version of the program.
Quality Assurance (QA) in Systems Development is a set of processes  that ensure the delivered systems meet the pre-defined expectations.  Note that QA is not testing. Software Configuration Management consists  of a set of tasks that track and control changes to the environment.  Configuration management incudes software source version control. 
The Director of Software Engineering has noted that some members of  the team are not following the company’s Quality Assurance and Version  Plan and has asked you to present to the team in order to help them and  your intern understand the importance of the plan.
Part 1:
Create a PowerPoint®  presentation containing 10 to 12 slides, including an introduction and  conclusion slide and detailed speaker notes, that includes the  following:

A brief description of Quality Assurance (QA) in Systems Development and why it is important
An illustration of the testing process in the Agile model
A brief explanation of automated testing
A logical description of the processes ensuring that the functionality, security, and performance of the application are met
An explanation of what versioning is and why versioning of the program is necessary

Note: Other applications like Adobe® Spark® or Microsoft® Sway® or Mix® can be used instead of PowerPoint®.
Part 2:
Using the Quality Attributes Table document provided, complete the 1-page table of quality attributes.
Cite all sources using APA guidelines.

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