What is confirmation bias?

Please read the following exert and answer the questions.  For case studies, it is not merely answering the question.  It is using materials learned from the class to help support your theory and answer.  You will need to use citations and APA to help you answer the questions. 4-6 pages

The Lexington aircraft crash in the USA in 2006 is a case study in confirmation bias (Ref. 2). A regional jet took off from the wrong runway in darkness and failed to get airborne in sufficient time to clear trees at the end of the runway, causing the deaths of 49 passengers and crew. Multiple cues were missed by the pilots that should have alerted them to the fact that they were on the wrong runway. Instead, it is believed that the crew talked themselves into believing they were in the correct position. For example, in response to a comment about the lack of runway lights, the first officer said that he remembered several runway lights being unserviceable last time he had operated from the airfield. 
1. What is confirmation bias? How does it apply or not apply to this case study?
2. What is availability bias? How does it apply or not apply to this case study?
3. What is the remedy for controlling and avoiding thinking traps using this example as your basis?

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