What is mindfulness, and how does it relate to criminal justice?

 Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation For your final assignment, you will create an eight-slide PowerPoint training presentation about mindfulness within criminal justice departments. Imagine that your supervisor has asked you to present this training, in which you will be teaching your peers about the topics indicated below. 

The overall goal is to explain why mindfulness and peacemaking are important to the future of your department. Keep in mind that you are training your peers. You should assume that they do not know much about the topic. CRJ 4103, Diversity and Ethics in Criminal Justice 3 Be creative and have fun with this! A presentation should be visually engaging; add a mindfulness activity, pictures, video clips, or anything else you want. Make certain to include the elements listed below in your presentation. What is mindfulness, and how does it relate to criminal justice? What is peacemaking, and how does it relate to criminal justice? How do mindfulness and peacemaking relate to each other? Summarize order keeping, and explain how it interferes with peacemaking. 

You are required to use your textbook and at least one source from the Waldorf Online Library to support your presentation. Be sure that you cite any information with APA in-text citations, and include a reference slide at the end. The title slide and the reference slide do not count toward meeting the minimum slide requirement. Do not utilize the notes section of your presentation. It is not required for this assignment. You are also not required to narrate your presentation. Ensure the presentation you create is your own authentic work. Ensure that you follow APA-style guidelines, and cite any resources that you use. 

Reference: Braswell, M. C., McCarthy, B. R., & McCarthy, B. J. (2017). Justice, crime, and ethics (9th ed.). New York, NY: Routledge 

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