What are the biggest problems or challenges facing state and local government these days?

 In your opinion, what are the biggest problems or challenges facing state and local government these days?  What do you see happening in the future regarding these problems? Will they get worse? Or will the states create solutions for them? 

Using Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy as an example of intergovernmental relations, what are some advantages and disadvantages of local, state, and federal governments working together? How efficiently did the various levels of government work during Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy? What could have been done differently?


The biggest problem facing state and local governments these days are a growing population and shrinking resources to aid these populations, also in my local area affordable housing is a real issue, if people can not afford to live somewhere then it is hard to work in that area, it’s hard to love in that area period.


The biggest statement that faces state and local government would be the issue with gun control.  Just last week, another shooting happened at Aurora.  The shooter had been in trouble before, and he wasn’t even allowed to buy a gun.  I just don’t see a solution to this problem.  This has been happening too frequently these last few years.  Even at my job, I sometimes fear that there might be a mass shooting.
Some really good points here about resources.  I think that water is going to be the major issue in the latter part of this century and the next.  I am fearful that the western states are going to run out of water and then what?  I am curious as to why people thought it was a good idea to build these huge communities in the middle of the desert.  This is not a shot at those who live there, but at the developers who only thought about short term profit without thinking about the resources it takes to live in these communities.  Thoughts?

In my own personal opinion, I believe that the biggest challenge for both state and local governments is obtaining a sufficient amount of funding. As I had discussed in my Powerpoint presentation last week on the subject of local government, the main issue for our mayor in our town was not enough funding. It is the same with state governments. State governments lack proper funding for schools in most states, for example. I do not see this changing in the foreseeable future, but who knows, maybe the federal and state governments can put their heads together and begin to cooperate better.

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