State the uses of emerging technologies within key industry contexts and Explain the concepts of software development within key industries.

OverviewFor this assessment task, you will create a two-minute video and written proposal about the impactof a particular technology on an industry or field.The purpose of this assignment is for you to develop your big-picture thinking, and to explore variousimpacts of the ever-changing IT industry.Timelines and ExpectationsPercentage Value of Task:Learning Outcomes AssessedThe following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:• A3. Apply business information software for data visualization and analysis purposes;• S2. Review a range of information system applications;• S3. Interpret and construct representations of business data flow and processes;• K2. State the uses of emerging technologies within key industry contexts; and• K6. Explain the concepts of software development within key industries.Assessment DetailsThe Digital Revolution is not limited to the past – we should expect changes to continue for theforeseeable future. The aim of this assessment is for you to explore how IT might change a particularindustry in the future, based on current trends and upcoming technologies.For this assignment, you need to create a short video. There are many different tools available to helpdo this; Windows Movie Maker is available in the labs. It is also acceptable to perform a single-takevideo using a smart device or webcam.Your topic must be automatically generated, based on your student ID. Please use the TopicGenerator link in Moodle, and choose only one of the topics available.Topics are of the form:“The potential impact of {Technology} on {Industry or Activity}”.Not all options are strictly technologies – some are applications of technologyCRICOS Provider No. 00103D Assessment Task – Video and Disruption Report.docx Page 2 of 6PreliminariesCreate an ePortfolio page which you will use to submit your work. Make sure you keep the pageprivate – you do not need to set the visibility of your ePortfolio to public for this assessment task.Access the Topic Generator through Moodle, and choose one of the available topics.Part one – ResearchThe first step to creating your video and report is to explore both the technology and the industry, tounderstand the potential impacts.Write a short description of the technology and the industry (150-300 words each), and add bothto your ePortfolio page. You may use any relevant sources, including websites, blogs, tweets, journalarticles and textbooks. Ensure you reference any sources appropriately.Part two – BrainstormingFor your topic, list at least three ways the technology may change or disrupt the industry. Include thislist on your ePortfolio page.If you are having trouble, remember that this is a creative task – it’s ok for your ideas to be 10 or 30years in the future. The more you can come up with at this stage the better, even if you think yourideas are completely implausible.Some hints:• Consider the impact of the technology on the people in the industry; will itmake their lives easier or harder?• Can you draw parallels to other industries where your technology may havehad impact?• Are there other technologies you’re aware of that might, together with yourchosen technology, have a stronger combined impact?• Creative thinking requires a dedicated block of time and the freedom to playaround with ideas. Don’t leave it to the last minute!Once you have brainstormed a number of impacts, choose one to focus on for the next twoassignment parts. Review the rest of this assignment specification before choosing.Part three – Regulation and EthicsChoose one technology impact from the previous exercise, and identify at least four factors orconstraints that make this impact possible, or which might prevent it occurring.Frame these within Lawrence Lessig’s regulations – Market, Law, Architecture (Physical/Natural) andNorm(Social/Ethical). Include them in your ePortfolio page.At least one of the factors or constraints should be ethical in nature.You may choose to identify one factor or constraint for each of Lessig’s categories,or have multiple in one category. For example, it is ok to have three Marketconstraints and one Norm constraint.

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