Discuss the phases in the organizational change process.

Resources: Implementing Organizational Change and ConcordBookshop Paper grading criteria on the student Web site Read “Talesof Woe at Concord Bookshop” in Ch. 1 of Implementing OrganizationalChange. Write a 350- to 700-word paper discussing the phases in theorganizational change process. Describe 2 to 3 phases of theorganizational change process that were not completed orimplemented at the Concord Bookshop that lead to the changefailure. The Concord Bookshop is not a health care organization,but the organizational change process you study in this courseapplies to many types of organizations. In this assignment, youmust focus on the change process. In this paper you relate how thisprocess applies to health care organizations and as you progressthrough the course. Format your paper consistent with APAguidelines. Submit the Turnitin and Writepoint report with allassignments.

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