Evaluate the benefits and pitfalls of competition in health care.

One of the trends marking the continuing transformation ofthe U.S. health care industry is the dramatic increase in the paceof competition. The heightened competition is taking place amonghospitals, among health plans, among physician groups, among drugcompanies, between physicians and hospitals, and between hospitalsand health plans. Prepare a three- tofive-ORIGINAL page paper(excluding the title and reference page). A comprehensive paperwill include the following: Describe the different forms ofcompetition that take place in health care amongst the varioustypes of health care organizations. Evaluate the benefits andpitfalls of competition in health care and suggest alternatives ifcompetition were not the prime drivers of operations in the U.S.health care system. Explain the essence of successful competitionand the use of competitive intelligence. Describe the influencecompetition has on the services offered by health careorganizations and the choices patients have. You should incorporateand cite a minimum of two industry related sources into yourpaper

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