How do plants acquire carbon dioxide and release oxygen?

The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate that animals and plants depend upon each other for survival. Think about how plants consume carbon dioxide (an animal waste product) and release oxygen (a plant waste product).  Research  what happens when plants are unable to provide sufficient amounts of oxygen to maintain animal life. To help you explore this topic, research why the biosphere experiment in the 1980s was prematurely stopped.   Here are some suggestions for resources: Google Searches: Photosynthesis and respiration Biosphere experiment In your exploration make a special point to note answers to the following questions: 1.    How do plants acquire carbon dioxide and release oxygen? 2.    For what purposes do plants acquire carbon dioxide? 3.    Do you think that a plant could survive in an air tight box that had everything the plant needed  except a source of oxygen? Be sure to include the following in the paper: •    Introduction to the topic •    Your views with supported resources •    A conclusion

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