What is document imaging?

the research paper should be according to this format: Outline Introduction: ? What is document imaging? ? History of document imaging.   Main Ideas: ? What is the use of document imaging? ? What type of technology is used in document imaging? ? How is document imaging evolving? Conclusion: —————————————————————————————————– note: use some of these resources if possible : Peterson, M. (2014). Five Reasons to Go Paperless This Tax Season. CPA Journal, 84(4), 12.   CLEARY, B. A. (2014). Documents Controlled. Quality, 53(2), 25-28. Guenette, D. R. (1996). Document imaging, CD-ROM and CD-R. (cover story). CD-ROM Professional, 9(4), 32. Gellerman, S. W. (1997). How document imaging is breaking paperwork logjams. Business Horizons, 40(6), 77.

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