Common Chemical Hazards and Superfund Sites

Watch the video titled “Groundwater Contamination” (4 min 35 sec) under the Water Pollution terms section of the Science Corner. You can also view the video at Next, explain the main reasons why some groundwater sources that we use may be more vulnerable to chemical contamination than others. Next, suggest one (1) strategy that the government can take to reduce groundwater contamination.

Access the Superfund Sites Website under the Super Fund terms section of the Science Corner. You can also access the site at Click on your region of the country in the map and then click on your state. Next, choose one (1) of the Superfund sites on the list and provide a brief summary of the site. Describe the community involvement (e.g., remediation strategies, current stage of cleanup at the site, etc.) in the discovery or cleanup of the site and give your opinion as to whether or not you believe the community involvement is efficient.

Imagine that you recently found out you live close to a Superfund site. Identify the most important information you would want to know about the site. Give your opinion on whether you would move to a new location. Explain why or why not.

What are the modern uses of administrative segregation in a prison system?

Administrative segregation has evolved thought the history of incarceration. From the practice of solitary confinement used to punish inmates to putting them in the “hole”, administrative segregation takes on a new role in the operation of jails and prisons. What are the modern uses of administrative segregation in a prison system? Does administrative segregation serve a useful purpose? Why or why not?

Responses should be 2-3 pages in length.

Human resources management Paper

Guidelines: Written Component—your paper must be a minimum of three and a maximum of five pages. It should be typed, double-spaced, font 10-12 pt., with margins no larger than 1”. Projects should have a professional appearance and be stapled (no binders or report covers please). You must use a minimum of three sources. You may not use a text book as a source. These sources should be from reputable Professional/Educational Journals or Periodicals. Articles from the internet are acceptable, but they should be from reliable sources. You should list all of your sources at the end of the paper and proper credit should be given to the author of your source.

1. Make a prediction about: can we prevent or avoid workplace violence? If so, how??? IN THE U.S

1st page : introduction ( explani whats the paper about, interest the reader)

2nd page: body pose the question: can we prevent or avoid workplace violence? If so, how??? and make a prediction

3rd page: Conclusion

Leadership Development

Reflection Essay: Leadership Development Reflection Essay on Leadership Development Write a reflection essay on the following: 1. In this essay explain the importance of leadership competency in one of the following: mindfulness OR resilience. Do not cover both topics in the essay. 2. Address the importance of the leader’s emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence. • Use the course materials and TWO peer-reviewed journal articles that specifically address mindfulness or resilience. Journal articles, from the past 5 years should be used Apply the reference article with substantial citations; citations from Internet websites are not acceptable reference sources. • Prepare the assignment in APA format, with title page, header and other formatting requirements • The length of the assignment, items 1 and 2 should be a minimum of 800 words and not to exceed 850 words, as counted in the essay portion of the assignment paper.

State local Law to business

Research whether your state is a “right to work” state. How does or would your answer to this question impact a specific organization in your state? Does your state provide any protections in addition to the national labor Relations Act? Post a summary of the local law and application of that local law to businesses in your state in discussion 4.1: state-local law. . I need a reference. . My state is Colorado.

Current Legal Issues

Using the university’s online Library resources, locate at least two current Articles discussing legal topics mentioned in chapters 12 (Wages, Hours, and pay Equity) and 13 (Benefits) that impact Human Resources management. Discuss at least two articles that you found (include citations). Based on the material you read, as a member of a hypothetical HR management Team, discuss your policy recommendation to the company. Post your articles in discussion 4.2: Current Legal Issues. . I need references

Workplace Issues

a) Read chapter 15, chapter question # 1: OSHA Fact pattern on page 584. Answer the question in the fact pattern and discuss your reasoning, supporting your position with additional research or articles. b) Read chapter 15, chapter question # 6: Worker’s comp fact pattern on page 585. Answer the question in the fact pattern and discuss your reasoning, supporting your position with additional research or articles, if you wish. Post your combined answers to “a” and “b” in discussion 4.3: Workplace Issues.

Chapter 15 question #1. Employees were making repairs on a company’s huge forging press using a gear-pulling device. The device had four large steel studs weighing nearly forty pounds each. A stud broke off during the repair operation, flew 121 feet, and struck an employee in the head. There had been two prior incidents in which studs had broken off and nearly injured workers, including supervisors, in the vicinity. The lead repairperson for the day shift had repeatedly requested enhanced safety precautions during repair operations, but the company rejected these measures because they would have been too expensive or time consuming. However, on another occasion, the company did take the lead repairperson’s suggestion that it post warning signs and cordon off the area. OSHA cited the company under the general duty clause. The company appealed the citation. What should the court decide? Why? Chapter 15 question #6. Three emergency medical services employees were returning to their office in an ambulance after having had lunch. An EMT in the rear of the vehicle turned on the power to a manual cardiac defibrillator, adjusted its energy to a high setting, and picked up the defibrillator paddles. He jokingly told a female employee riding in the passenger seat of the ambulance that “I’m going to get you.” She screamed and told him to get the paddles away from her. The EMT appeared to be complying, but then turned back toward her and struck her with the paddles while simultaneously activating them. The female employee lost consciousness, had cardiac arrest, and eventually died from electrocution by the charged defibrillator. The deceased employee’s estate sued for negligent hiring and retention of the EMT. Is workers’ compensation the exclusive remedy for the employee’s death, or can the employer be sued in tort? Why? . I will need references.

Explain the value of receiving feedback from your team

•Describe how an organization’s mission statement and values are supported by specific aspects in the marketing, operations, technology, management, and social responsibility sections of a business plan. •In a real life situation, feedback from your business plan development team can be extremely valuable. Explain the value of receiving feedback from your ‘team’ (your instructor and fellow students) on the various sections of your non-alcoholic beverage (NAB) business plan while you work towards making necessary revisions.

Please show any references. This only has to be one page for both questions.