Do you think understanding scams as an engineer will make the system you design more secure?

Most of computer attacks could be traced to the fact that security engineers do not fully understand the psychology of the users as well as how scammers get to fool their victims. Attached you will find a very useful article titled “Understanding scam victims: seven principles for systems security”. Read the article carefully and address the following questions: 
1- Do you think understanding scams as an engineer will make the system you design more secure? 
2-  Psychology of the user is a key factor when it comes to system security. Is a security engineer supposed to be a psychologist then? 
3- Do you have any experience with any of the scams listed on the paper?

Influence of Japan on western modernism.

The assignment is to create an ILLUSTRATED ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 
***Please read the attachment there is:
1. Assignment instructions 
2. Formatting need
3.  Include from the writer (You) at least 4-6 academic sources regarding the topic

How creative expression might be helpful to people.

Option A: Art in Your Community
Experience the arts in your local community by attending a performance, or visiting an art museum or gallery. If you go to an art museum or gallery, choose an exhibition or one artwork to discuss for this assignment.

The artwork chosen iis from Emily’s Art Gallery in Murfreesboro Tn  called Royal Pride by Charles Frace

Write a review of your arts experience that includes a defense of the arts. Include the following:

A description of the elements of composition—line, color, shape, or movement, theme, rhythm, tone, and so forth—that were incorporated into the performance or artwork
What overall emotional and intellectual effect the performance or artwork had on you: the emotions you felt, what the experience made you think of
A summary of how you would like to see the arts made more a part of your community

Is there anything you can do to make this happen?
How will you support the arts in the future?

A defense of the arts that describes how the arts add value to life: how creative expression might be helpful to people

Submit your assignment in one of the following formats:

A 1,050- to 1,400-word paper

What are several key differences between the American and French Revolutions?

Examine the information provided for the French Revolution and answer the following questions using at least five complete sentences.
What are several key differences between the American and French Revolutions? Do you think the French Revolution was a success? Why or why not?

The ancient mound is a very significant place for Native Americans. I think the destruction of this site wouldn’t be a great idea. Since the locals and nearby Native Americans see it as a spiritual place and a historic site it shouldn’t be destroyed. If the mayor is willing to spend 2.6 million on the project he can buy plenty of dirt to use as filling. It doesn’t have to come from that hill. I mean who knows whats in that hill. But in this situation if they decide to dig out the hill a historic site will be lost and a Walmart will be gained. Now if it isn’t destroyed the locals and Native Americans will have a historic site and maybe gain a memorial if archaeologists can find things beneath the surface. 

My thoughts are the mound is a religious site for the Native American people. The founding fathers of our country have already taken so much from this culture. They have taken their land, placed them on reservations, and have treated them disrespectfully in so many ways, this would be just another blow.  I do not feel there is any gain to the destruction of this holy place.  Sam’s can get dirt from anywhere. Alabama has an abundance of it and Sam Walton can afford it. Native Americans can’t go down the street and find an ancient monument that easily. At this point, they can’t rule out that sacred burials have not been placed in the mound as well.

Read the article discussing the ancient Native American mound in Oxford, AL  
A dispute between conservationists and developers over what is perceived as sacred Native American site in Oxford, AL

What are your thoughts on the destruction of this ancient Alabama site? Do you approve? Do you disagree?
In this situation, what is gained? What is lost?

Do you think crafts have a place in the art world?

Which architectural work(s) from this chapter are you attracted to? Why? PARAGRAPH

Do you think crafts have a place in the art world? Why? Back up your opinion.
textbook is attached below.PARAGRAPH


I selected the Eiffel Tower which was built in 1889 as the architectural structure that I am attracted to.  When I am viewing this structure, I think of it appearing in romantic settings that are found in many films. Although it was criticized in the beginning for its openness, I find that it is refreshing instead of the steel and concrete buildings that light cannot permeate. The most fascinating thing to me is that is was not constructed on site, instead it was prefabricated and then assembled by 150 workers in 17 months where it now stands. When one sees the Eiffel Tower, your mind automatically thinks of Paris.
Yes, I definitely think crafts have a part in the art world.  To create crafts one must have an artistic mind and convey that through their work.  As example, Miriam Schapiro’s, Wonderland, expresses beauty while still being a utilitarian piece of fabric as possibly a quilt.  She was able to use it as an outlet for her artistic expression.  It actually hangs in the Smithsonian Art Institute today.

I am attracted most to Moshe Safdie’s work, “Habitat.” The design of these houses I think is one of the neatest things. I have always thought these designs were neat and I am glad to see someone that is expressing it. Another reason that this is my favorite architectural work is how unique and close together the houses are. They were stacked on another so that the roof of one unit would provide a private deck for another.
I most definitely think crafts have a place in this world. Although crafts are an amazing kind of art, it also provides a fun way to create art. Crafts are many people’s favorite hobbies. It allows people to express there art in their own way without having to be the best at drawing. Crafts are made by several artists, but they can also be made by anybody that has the interest. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography?

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography?  What is the importance of selecting a proper algorithm and key strength? 

For this question I need 500 words. Need it in APA format by tomorrow. 

Identify and discuss the seven layers of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model and their importance on TCP/IP operation.

Identify and discuss the seven layers of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model and their importance on TCP/IP operation.
Minimum two pages.
Helpful topics to research:

OSI Layers
How TCP/IP Works
TCP/IP Operates on Open Systems Interconnection Levels 3 (IP) and 4 (TCP)
TCP/UDP/RTP User Datagram Protocol
TCP/IP Address Schemes

Why did the Nazis insist that modern art and Expressionism was degenerate and poorly executed?

Essay Module 4
Please choose ONLY one (1) of the following essay questions to answer. Essay must consist of at least 700
words (this equals two double-spaced pages in Times New Roman font 12), must be in complete
sentences and where necessary, appropriate information must be properly documented in MLA
This essay, worth forty (40) points, must be submitted to the Assignment Box no later than
Sunday 11:59 EST/EDT in Module 4. (This Assignment Box maybe linked to Turnitin.)
Turnitin is a plagiarism identification service that can also assist students with term paper
reference methodology. The Turnitin tool compares your writing against all published sources
and also checks against previous classes’ written work(s). Source match cannot be more than
Essay Question Options:
1. Why did the Nazis insist that modern art and Expressionism was degenerate and poorly
executed? Describe the power of their repression and censorship. How does one
recognize propaganda? Is it possible to use propagandist techniques to influence
perception within a free speech environment? Is propaganda necessarily negative? Why
or why not?
2. How does government sponsorship influence the arts and creativity? In what ways were
the WPA-funded photography projects of Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans different
from the Nazi-approved documentaries of Leni Riefenstahl? In what ways were the
WPA-funded projects propaganda?
3. Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. Using
the images and plans of the Bauhaus and German Pavilion, discuss the importance of
Wright for Gropius and Mies. What do their buildings share with the Robie House? How
do they depart from Wright’s example? Consider the way space is defined, the overall
appearance of the buildings, the types of materials used, the relationship between the
interior and the exterior, and the way the visitor encounters each of the structures.