Strategic Planning and Organizational Restructuring.

•Strategic Planning and Organizational Restructuring
 ◦Imagine you are the HR director of a growing international staffing organization that services both North America and South America. The CEO has come to grips that the HR group, which is currently decentralized, is in need of restructuring to account for the expected increase in revenues. The CEO has asked for your opinion on how to best restructure the firm. Based upon your knowledge, recommend an organizational structure (e.g., functional, matrix, or projectized) that will provide growth for the firm. Also, assess the influence that this project will have on the customers (who are located throughout the Americas) that are serviced by the HR group.
book: Kloppenborg, T. (2015). Contemporary Project Management. (3rd ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

Discuss the three basic components of any health program planning.

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

Design a health assessment on a particular health issue/concern in your.
Discuss the PRECEDE-PROCEED model and its value in the health assessment.
Discuss the phrase “picking your battles” and its relevance in prioritizing in assessing community.
Discuss the three basic components of any health program planning.
Assess findings of health assessments that can be used to plan community health interventions and influence policy making regarding.

Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
HA560-3: Design a community health assessment using epidemiological principles and basic research methods.
HA560-4: Evaluate community health data.
There are a great number of resources on the Internet that provide reliable examples of health assessments. It is recommended that you find one public site within your own State/county and you can carry this data over to the Unit 8 assignment. Go to the public link chosen and choose a health issue (i.e. Children with Special Health Care Needs). Review the data and evaluate it. Report your findings in a thorough, well-organized manner. For example, if you live in Los Angeles county, California, this link is an option for you –
Ask yourself these questions as you gather your data:

What can you assume from this health assessment? Take into consideration the population demographics used in Unit 4.
What information contained in the report could help you in planning interventions in community health?
What information could be used in public policy planning?

Format your paper consistent with APA 6th guidelines. Be sure to list your sources of information at the end of your assignment. You should have at least 3 sources.
Assignment  should be 3-5 pages long.

Contrast the primary differences between independent contractors, temporary employees and volunteer.

Employment Relationship and Discrimination”  Please respond to the following:

1. Contrast the primary differences between independent contractors, temporary employees and volunteers. Then, examine two (2) way 2 in which each role differs from that of an employee. Justify your response.

2. From the e-Activity, select two (2) employment discrimination laws, and then provide two (2) disparate treatment case using the same discrimination law. LINK LISTED BELOW :
******Go to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Website to review discrimination types, located at ***************************************
Review only the facts of the case, the legal issues relating to the disparate treatment, and the court’s decision. Next, outline the steps the employer could have taken initially to prevent the discrimination in question. Justify your response.
Required Resources
Walsh, D. J. (2016). Employment Law for Human Resource Practice (5th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning 

What is the Risk and Protective Factors Planning Model?

 What is the Risk and Protective Factors Planning Model? Using a health issue (such as heart disease), apply this model and discuss a possible plan of action for your community. You should choose a health issue that is relevant to your community. 
Assignment should be in 150-175 words
Citation should be in APA format

Building a Training Program.

Assignment 2: Building a Training Program
In this assignment, you will evaluate various approaches to evaluating a training program and then create an implementable posttraining evaluation form to evaluate your results. To help you design your evaluation, here is some background information:

The program is titled Basic Manufacturing Skills for New Employees.
The class size is one hundred new employees with basic skills including mathematics, engineering, language, and reading.
The class is a combination of lecture and practical application:

Basic skills: Required for immediate impact on the production floor
Intermediate skills: Required for advancement to more complex quality control functions
Advanced skills: Required for supervisory positions to train new employees

Write a 2- to 3-page paper including responses to the following points:

Identify the process that you would use to plan and implement a good training evaluation. Support your response with a rationale.
As a part of your paper, create a posttraining evaluation form (in a Microsoft Word document) consisting of specific measurable areas with a valid rating scale.

Creating a loyalty program for a restaurant.

 For this activity, you will be creating a loyalty program for a restaurant. Search the internet for information about restaurant loyalty programs, including existing restaurant loyalty programs. Write a summary of your findings.

Then describe the loyalty program you would implement for a restaurant. How does this restaurant use tangible evidence to tell customers the type of business they are and how they are operated? Explain your answer.

Next, locate the annual report for this restaurant (this can usually be found on the home page). What does the annual report tell you about their strategy? Please be sure to use in-text citations and APA format. Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words. 

Analyze the Bull-Leaping Fresco from the Palace at Knossos.

This week’s discussion will cover content from the Week 1 module, including reading and media.

Choose ONE of the prompts below to respond to for your original post. Each prompt can only be “used” or written about four times maximum among the class as a whole. 

When you create a new thread, give it a title that clearly shows the topic of your post (example: “Prompt A: Venus of Willendorf” or an original title such as “The Woman of Willendorf — Not a Venus”)

Your answer to the prompt should be a minimum of 150 words and must use at least two quotations or other specific references to the original reading/media

If you quote, you must indicate any quotations with ”   “. All borrowed material must have citations at the end with (      ) according to MLA style.

Please also include a works cited-style entry at the end of your post for any sources you borrowed from, even if you put the ideas in your own words.

Grading: 30 points for original post, 15 points each for replies.

Before you post, be sure you have read the following documents (in the “Start Here” Module):

Requirements for Discussion Posts
Important Notice on Plagiarism

For your original post, answer ONE of the following prompts (just click “Reply” to post below):
PROMPT A: What aspects of the Venus of Willendorf suggest a focus on fertility? What conclusions can be drawn from the fact that thousands of these Paleolithic hand-sized figures were found, and almost all of them so far have been female? While this figurine was initially named “Venus” of Willendorf, modern scholars tend to use the term “Woman of Willendorf.” Why is that, and do you agree with their reasoning?
PROMPT B: One of this week’s significant works is the Law Code of Hammurabi, the king of Babylon from 1792-1750 BCE. Click hereLinks to an external site. to read some of the laws included on this stele. Identify three laws that indicate equality among all people, and three laws that indicate injustice, specifically toward women. Which do you think is the best law, and which is the worst, based on this examples of the laws you see here? Explain your answers.
PROMPT C: Based on the Annenberg video on the Epic of Gilgamesh, what makes Gilgamesh such a terrible king at the beginning of the story? How does his friendship with Enkidu seem to affect him? Explain how the flood story connects to Gilgamesh’s quest for immortality.
PROMPT D: Analyze the Bull-Leaping Fresco from the Palace at Knossos. How are men and women portrayed differently from one another in the painting? How do the bulls in the palace symbolically connect to the idea of male strength and virility? What animals or symbols are connected to masculinity today in our culture?
PROMPT E: Compare the Greek gods and goddesses with the deities of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, making reference to a few specific deities from each culture. What do you think is important about the fact that the Greek gods were quite flawed, much like humans? How do you personally react to the idea that gods could be flawed, even petty and immoral? What about the fact that the Greeks did not look to their gods, but to themselves, for morality?
PROMPT F: Compare/contrast the PreSocratic philosophers with Socrates and his followers, as well as the Sophists (the traveling teachers). What approach did each group take to finding the truth? Why did Socrates dislike and disagree so vehemently with the Sophists?
PROMPT G: Watch the video clip from Antigone in this week’s module, and read the background about Sophocles and this play. In your own words, describe the conflict between Antigone, a woman who has been arrested — and Creon, the state ruler and Antigone’s uncle. What are each of their arguments or positions? Then, using a specificcurrent issue, give an example of how this same debate is relevant today.
PROMPT H: Gods and Kings: Examine the top of Hammurabi’s stele (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. with the relief sculpture of Akhenaten and his family (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. from ancient Egypt. Based on these images, describe the relationship each king had with the ruling god(s) at the time. Why was it important to them to have their own images carved in stone with the images of a god, and what messages were these carvings supposed to send? How did Greek leaders align themselves with the gods?

What are the basic differences, from the employer’s viewpoint, in operating in a union-free environment vs. a unionized environment?

4 pages or more, not including cover or References pages

You have been hired by XYZ as a consultant. They are currently facing a union organizing campaign. You have been asked to write a briefing memo for senior management. Your memo must address:

a. What are the basic differences, from the employer’s viewpoint, in operating in a union-free environment vs. a unionized environment?

b. What are management representatives permitted to say and do during the campaign? What, if any, actions or statements are prohibited?

In responding, you must use three references. They should be from a scholarly journal or credible news source from within the past three years.

The recruitment, management and retention of the hospital workforce has a direct impact on the cost and quality of patient care

For hospitals, the most important assets are not the buildings or investment portfolios, it’s the workforce. The recruitment, management and retention of the hospital workforce has a direct impact on the cost and quality of patient care. Wages and benefits account for about two-thirds of every dollar spent by hospitals, according to the American Hospital Association. And that cost is expected to increase. The AHA reports that labor costs are the single most important driver of spending growth for hospitals, accounting for about 35 percent of overall growth.
You were just employed as the new HIM director for your community hospital. After meeting with members of your department as well as internal and external customers, you have identified the need to hire more employees. To hire more employees, you need to provide a resource needs analysis and proposal to your CFO. Write a 1  page memo to your CFO outlining the analysis that you conducted and the benefits the organization will achieve based on the hiring plan that you are recommending.

Complete a resource needs analysis, for example

Identifies staff
Details of cost
Details the need
Reviews options to hiring
Makes final recommendation

Memo to CFO outlining the resource needs analysis to support a recommend hiring plan.
Grammar, spelling, format, etc.

Health insurance policies contain sections with definitions, eligibility and enrollment, benefits, limitations, exclusions, procedures, and appeal processes.

Health insurance policies contain sections with definitions, eligibility and enrollment, benefits, limitations, exclusions, procedures, and appeal processes. In a 1 page paper, describe the contents of each section and provide examples if applicable. You may use your personal health insurance policy to describe each area.
You must reference at least two research sources (Wikipedia is not an acceptable research source) in your paper, and include appropriate citations for those sources.