Appraise the aspects of managing human resources (HR) in health care organizations.

Assignment 1: Human Resource Management Overview
Due Week 4 and worth 200 points
Using the course readings, articles, and your personal experiences, address the role of human resource management.
Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:

Determine key roles that human resource management plays in the health care field.
Evaluate three to five (3-5) functions of human resource management in terms of their level of support to the health care field, and then select which one you believe is the primary function in furthering the health care field.
Analyze the role of human resource management in an organization’s strategic plan.
Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment.  Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

Appraise the aspects of managing human resources (HR) in health care organizations. 
Use technology and information resources to research issues in health care human resources management.
Write clearly and concisely about health care human resources management using proper writing mechanics.

Click here to view the grading rubric for this assignment.

Give advantages or disadvantages inclusive to the traditional credit, criminal, or reference checks when using social media.

The Right People in the Right Positions at the Right Times”  Please respond to the following:

Take a position as to whether using social media provides an organization with a new competitive advantage or whether traditional methods such as job postings on the company website are still better for recruiting quality job candidates. Justify your position.
Determine if companies should ask for consent from potential and current employees when using social media as another form of background check. Suggest an advantage or disadvantage inclusive to the traditional credit, criminal, or reference checks when using social media. Provide a rationale for your position.

Analyze the leadership behavior and motivation of a manager or leader.

 Unit III Discussion Board QuestionCOLLAPSE
Unit III focuses on leadership behavior and motivation, and this discussion board serves as an opportunity to tie-in the previous unit (trait theory) with leadership behavior and motivation. Analyze the leadership behavior and motivation of a manager or leader from your current or a former employer. In your discussion, include the following:

(a) Discuss this leader’s behavior by applying one of the leadership theories discussed in Chapter 3 (e.g., University of Iowa leadership styles, University of Michigan leadership model, Ohio State University leadership model, leadership grid).

(b) What motivates this leader’s behavior? Discuss your observations of this leader’s motivation by applying one of the motivation theories discussed in Chapter 3 (e.g., hierarchy of needs theory, two-factor theory, acquired needs theory, balancing work-life needs, equity theory, expectancy theory, goal setting theory, reinforcement theory).

Why do you think more organizations do not actually complete strategic plans?

To demonstrate an increased knowledge in the areas of managing change, you must complete the following two sections of the examination. For the first section, select two of the following questions for your response. Write enough so anyone reading your response knows what thoughts you are trying to convey. The total exam should not exceed four pages double spaced.
1. You have been assigned the task of developing a strategic plan for your organization. As an initial step, you have decided to develop an organizational profile. What is an organizational profile? What should the process be to develop the profile? What information will you include, and where will you get your information? How will you utilize the information?  
2. You have been asked to secure information from your customers for inclusion in your plan. What process will you use? Provide information as to what process and the steps you will take to get the best information possible. How will you utilize the information received?  
3. As the leader who has responsibility for moving the organization ahead, you have been assigned the task of developing the vision for the future. How would you do this? Who would be included in the process? What criteria will you use to select members for the committee? What type of training would you need to ensure the team is the most effective possible? 
4. Reflect on what you have learned about strategic planning in this course. What is the most difficult part of the process to complete? Why did you make this decision? Why do you think more organizations do not actually complete strategic plans?
Part 2 – Provide 10 concepts, issues, philosophies, or practices in the areas of strategic planning and management that you can utilize in your workplace. Name the aspect, describe it, and explain the implication for your workplace. This does not have to be in essay form but can be in bullet form. 

Explain the challenging role of the HR organization in a unionized environment.

Please prepare a research paper that explains the history of collective bargaining from past to present and some of the current challenges related to collective bargaining.   Be sure to explain the challenging role of the HR organization in a unionized environment. 
The paper should be 5-7 Pages in APA Format.   Be sure to cite at least 2 references in your paper.  

Identify one epidemiologic measure of a public health issue related to prevalence, incidence rate, mortality rate.

For each topic listed below, please: 
A. Identify one epidemiologic measure of a public health issue related to this topic (prevalence, incidence rate, mortality rate, etc.)
B. Identify a public health intervention that has targeted a public health issue related to this topic. Briefly explain the intervention (one or two sentences). 
C. Identify any data on the effectiveness of the intervention. If it is qualitative data (e.g., participants’ feedback on the program), describe the general themes in a sentence or two. If it is quantitative data, describe one or two important findings in a sentence or two.
D. For at least one topic, your source should be a peer-reviewed journal article.  For one topic, find an example of a t-test/ANOVA, Chi-Square test, linear regression, and/or logistic regression in a peer-reviewed journal article. Note the example and its interpretation. Do you agree with the interpretation that the author(s) made for this statistical test?
1. Stress and Health
2. Tobacco Use
3. Alcohol Consumption
4. Substance Abuse
5. Overweight and obesity
6. Mental Health

Please be sure to answer A-C for all six topics listed above.

Define scale.

The next part of the project will focus on specific areas of the concept, such as describing the menu, describing functional areas, and determining relevant data for the facilities.  You will need to use provided resources for overall project as well as describing specific areas. Necessary files are linked and found under “Resources” on class website navigation menu.  These forms should be presented as appendices in your submitted document.  Each worksheet will be presented in dedicated appendix, shown in sequence as Appendix A, Appendix B, and so on until complete.  Appendices follow the reference list in APA format.  Content related to a worksheet should annotate the relevant appendix.  
Example: “The design worksheet in appendix A shows that 20% of the total square footage will be used for the bar.” 

Facilities design: ACTION PLAN – Facility Design Worksheet
Each functional area: ACTION PLAN – Foodservice Facilities Program Worksheet

The content of the writing will provide an analysis of the data presented as well as justification for decisions or claims being made.  The content of the writing will also need to explain decisions made within context of the planning process, such as identifying what needed to be decided first or what decisions affected other aspects of the planning process. 
The project planning analysis will need to include the following elements;

Compile operational data [Use facility design worksheet]
Menu development.

Your base menu must identify at least five [5] “signature” entrées that will affect layout or necessary equipment. 
Discuss intended prices for these items. 
Justify prices with a discussion of your food costs. 
Estimate your projected sales and expenses for this menu.

Develop a Foodservice Facilities Program [Use foodservice facilities design worksheet]

Create a bubble diagram or flow chart to show how the areas relate to each other

Facility layout

On computer or on 24-by-36-inch graph paper, create a layout of the proposed facility, both front and back of house. (Check out:

Define scale 
Begin by deciding the broad outlines of such areas as entrance(s), dining space, kitchen, bar, restrooms, storage spaces Be sure to show all doors, windows, aisles and enclosed spaces Show locations of all drains and the grease interceptor (trap). Show electrical outlets and direct electrical connections, particularly in the kitchen 

As with phase one, the above elements do not represent the framework or outline of the writing. These are only elements that must be addressed as if presenting to investors or partners. 
Writing Guidelines

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
Length of paper: Actual length will be based on assessing what information is necessary and what is extraneous.  You will need to determine what you need to communicate without adding “fluff” and assuring all identified elements from the instructions are addressed where and when applicable. 

Create a strategy to backup your personal computer.

Activity #3: Submission

Please refer to the case overview in Units 1 & 2 for the business premise and situation. This week, you will continue to work on The Broadway Café as it struggles to compete in the 21st century.
Each week you will submit your response to the business situation presented. Use an APA formatted paper with a Title page and a References page. Your paper should be double-spaced and written in Times New Roman size 12 font. The paper will be written in an essay format. Do not use a question and answer format.

Business Dilemma
Components of a solid enterprise architecture include everything from documentation to business concepts to software and hardware. Deciding which components to implement and how to implement them can be a challenge. New IT components are released daily, and business needs continually change. An enterprise architecture that meets the cafe’s needs today may not meet those needs tomorrow. Building an enterprise architecture that is scalable, flexible, available, accessible, and reliable is key to the cafe’s success.
The cafe has a limited budget for computer equipment.  One of your most valued employees, Nick Zele, is highly technical and always insisting that the cafe is outdated and needs to upgrade its equipment.  Nick’s latest push is for dishwasher safe keyboards and mice for the cafe’s kiosks.  The spill proof equipment would last longer and could be washed daily to remove germs and bacteria. The cost of the new hardware is around $1,000 for a keyboard and a mouse.

You understand the need to bring the cafe into the 21st century. However, you have many equipment requirements and a limited budget.
If you could determine the return on investment (ROI) of the new computer equipment, it would be easy to make a decision. Unfortunately, this is a difficult task.  For example, what is the ROI of a fire extinguisher? If you never use the fire extinguisher, your return on the investment is low. If the first extinguisher puts out a fire that could destroy the entire building, then its ROI is very high.

Making Business Decisions II
On your way to work this morning, you stopped for gas. When you were inside paying, someone broke into your car and stole your computer bag. You did not notice until you arrived at the cafe and began looking for your bag. As you begin to realize all of the data you just lost including customer lists, profit and loss analysis, tax returns, e-mail, sales information, payroll files, etc. you begin to wonder when you last backed up your hard drive.
Because of the importance of data backup, numerous companies produce specialized backup software. Backup utilities offer advanced features in the following areas to differentiate it from the Windows Backup utility and from software included with CD and DVD burners:
Support for all current media types, including all DVD formats, Zip disks, Pen storage, and so on.
Highly specific backup selections, combinations of files and folders in any location.
On-the-fly compression of files, to provide reduced file sizes in the backup.
Automatic comparisons of data after the backup, taking a number of forms.
Support for multi-CD or multi-DVD backups, with a single backup spanning as many discs as necessary.
Detailed backup schedulers.
Detailed methods of including or excluding file types.
Backup from remote computers.
In addition, some backup utilities now include the technology known as ghost imaging or just plain ghosting. A ghost image captures the entire hard drive, backing it up to the point where you can restore your entire system from it.
Assess you plans for your enterprise architecture. Also, now that you have been stung by a painful data loss experience you realize the importance of having a backup strategy.
1. Why is it so difficult to determine the ROI of the components in your enterprise architecture?
2.  What can you do to determine the cost/benefit or ROI of the proposed dishwasher safe keyboard and mice?
3. Create a strategy to backup your personal computer. Be sure to search the Internet to find different third-party utilities that perform backup, restore, and ghosting.
4.  List the features and prices of each.
NOTE: This assignment is subject to the Critical Thinking Institutional Learning Outcome.  Select the link to view details on the grading parameters for this standard.

Explain the importance of backup and recovery.

Activity #3: Submission
Read this article:  Borger, J., Campbell, D. (9/2/2005). Why did help take so long to arrive? The Guardian. Retrieved from
Moreover, watch the following video about Hurricane Katrina:
Then write -2 paragraphs responding to each of the following questions using APA formatting and submit them to your instructor.

Then respond to the following questions in a standard essay format using APA formatting.

Explain the hurricane’s impact on businesses.
Explain the importance of backup and recovery.
What were your reactions when you first heard about the flooding in New Orleans? Do you think that systems are in place now to cope with another disaster of similar proportions?

What do you think businesses should do to prepare for this type of disaster (beyond backup and recovery)?

Please submit your completed work

Ethics in Human Resource Practices.

Ethics in Human Resource Practices
HR teams will play vital roles in organizations to ensure ethical behavior and compliance. To be effective, they must first place an emphasis on ethical behavior amongst their own teams. Go to and review the HR Code of Ethics. Select any one of the 6 sections you feel might be more important than the others and explain your reasoning.
NOTE: In your response, adhere strictly to the discussion topic’s requirement. Do not forget to read the guidelines for responding to discussion topics covered in the Student Center.
‘Must be at least one page in length and NO PLAGIARISM!!!