Financial Management

Suppose, presently three prominent investment opportunities are prevailing in the stock market and being an investor Mr. Hamid is interested to investigate that which of these investments, he should choose to develop his own portfolio. Right now, following information is easily available in the mark…

GAAP-Cnceptual Framework

GAAP Application-Conceptual Framework of Accounting the Conceptual Framework allows for the systematic adaptation of accounting standards to a changing business environment. The FASB uses the conceptual framework to aid in an organized and consistent development of new accounting standards. The conc…

structure of business letter

how to write a business letter ?

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Letter layout
Formal Letter Layout

Format of Business Letter
Prepared By:
Muhammad Ismail
Reg; No: 231-SE/BSIBF/F11
Submitted to:
Mr. Taj Nabi
1. The Heading:
On the first line, write your apartment number, postal box, rural route number, and your street address (whatever applies to your address). The second line gives your city, town, or village, and the province name, and postal code2. On the third line, write the month, the day and the year you are writing the letter. Never write your name as part of the heading of a letter.
For example:
Sector-C, Street-10 House1.
Swat Defense Area.
December 21, 2011
The inside address is placed at the left margin, two spaces below the heading and contains the receiver’s full name, title, and address.
For example:
Mr. Mazhar Shah
Allied Trucking Limited
22 Jinnah Avenue
Capital City, E-7/5
2.The Salutation:
The salutation is placed two spaces below the inside address. If you don’t know the person well, use his/her full name and title in the salutation. If you do know him/her well, you would use his/her full name and title in the inside address and his/her first name in the salutation. In situation where you don’t know whether the reader is male or female, you may find something like Dear Customer Service Representative or Attention: Billing Department suitable.
For example:
Dear Mazhar Shah: (or Dear Mazhar if you know her well)
3. The body of the letter is, of course, what the letter is all about. The body of many business letters contains three paragraphs.
4. Complimentary closing which is placed two spaces below the body. Only the first word of this closing is capitalized. Four or five spaces below this, the writer’s typed signature (and title, if appropriate) should appear. The sender of the letter should write his/her signature between the complimentary closing and the typed signature.
For example:
Yours truly,
Muhammad Ismail



Consider the game below where Can is the row player and Canan is the column player.
Football Opera
Football 2,1 0,0
Opera 0,0 &nb…

Nash Equilibrium

To preserve the Black Sea fishery resources, it is decided that only two fishing fleets, one
from Turkey and the other from the Russia can fish in those waters. Suppose that the
fisheries agreement above breaks down, so that the fleets behave noncooperatively.
Assume that Turkey and Russia each can sen…

Fundamentals of Tax Preparation – Comprehension Problem

Betty, whose tax rate is 33%, is in the business of breeding and racing horses. Except for the transactions below, she has no other sales or exchanges & has no unrecaptured net Sec. 1231 losses. Consider the following transactions that occur during the year:

*Abuilding with an adjusted basis of $…

oil spill

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Financial Management

Before the Merger & Acquisition (M&A), A Company has 100 shares with $100

per share, B Company has 30 shares with $15 per share. After M&A, estimated

value of the combined company is $11,000.

If A Company prepares to buy B Company’s stock at $20 cash per share,


What is the NPV of Merger?…