Research Paper – The topic is global. The paper should be complete and the main

Research Paper – The topic is global. The paper
should be complete and the main body should be 1000-1500 words in
length (excluding references page).
Research Paper Guidelines

Utilize APA Style format and references. 

Utilize at least five references (two of which must be from
credible scientific organizations).  You can use Internet
articles, journals, text books, etc. However, you should NEVER use
Wikipedia for your research as anyone can alter the information on
this site making it a poor source of accurate information.

Paper must be typed in Microsoft Word.   **PLEASE NOTE
that you must submit your assignments as a “Microsoft Word”
document rather than a Word Pad, Works, etc. type of document.

Utilize one inch margins on all sides.

Double-space your paper.

Use either an Arial or Times New Roman font in a 10 or 12 point

Include an abstract, page headers, in-text citations, and a
reference page.

Submit a high-quality paper, free of spelling and grammatical
 **Evaluation/Grading of the Research Paper: Points
are allocated as follows (Total of 100 points):
 A.  Content/Subject Knowledge and Analysis –
(65 points possible). Your paper should be pertinent to the
subject matter and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the
subject with an appropriate introduction, supporting paragraphs,
and conclusions. Your paper should be written in your own words
using proper in-text citations when indicated, don’t
plagiarize.  You should use a minimum of five current and
reliable sources for your research.
B.  Format – (20 points possible). Your paper
should contain an abstract, a main body and a reference page.
References should be cited and properly listed in APA format. All
page margins (left, right, top, and bottom) should be set to 1
C.  Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation – (15 points

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