How is leadership different from power?

Step #1:
Discuss your scores.  How is leadership different from power?  (please check attached )

 Comment on the classmate’s answer below 

“After taking the self-test I am very surprised with the total result. I have scored a total of 34 and after reading what high scores are, they have more tendency to be less persuaded, and seek to a win opportunities at most times. I personally feel this way and try to avoid have dependence on others to minimize power (pg. 368) because, on the book explains the general dependence postulate (pg.371) as the greater is my dependence on others the more power they have on me and my life feels not truly controlled with my own decisions. I like more leadership skills and those who adopt more congruence between goals and themselves, and within the group as well. The power in the leadership role does not feel formal, coercive or reward power (pg. 369). It takes some political skills tactics (pg. 373) in a softer way. ”

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