Is the Chicano Movement relevant in today’s New Mexico? Why or why not?

These are two different assignments
First Assignment:Read Los Alamos- Women 

THEN answer the following questions on the article. Write your responses in an essay format, this should take 1-2 pages in length, 12 point, Double Space.

 Thesis: What is the author’s main argument (his/her thesis), and is there a secondary arguments (sub-theses)?
 Sources/Evidence: What types of evidence (sources) does the author use to support his/her argument? Look through the list of sources at the end of the article or chapter and look at what type of sources—primary and/or secondary sources the author used. For instance, in Joseph P. Sánchez, Mora’s Border Dilemmas, he surveyed church records and some photographies of church buildings to make an argument about shifting religious practices and French and Mexican influences in La Mesilla and Las Cruces.
 Strengths and Weaknesses: This is the main section of this assignment. Consider the following questions: What do you find convincing? What is less convincing? Be sure to include explanations for your conclusions.

At the end write out at least one question  you have this will be discussed in class.

Second assignment: Read The Chicano Movement
Shouldn’t be more than a page.  As you read consider:

What do you think about the phrase “reconquista” reconquest in the title of this piece?
What was the Chicano movement about?
What were their goals in New Mexico?
Who were the main leaders?
What were their tactics?
What were some of their achievements and limitations?
Is the Chicano Movement relevant in today’s New Mexico? Why or why not? 

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