List the main components of a home network?

IT340 Network Management Assignment4 (Chapters: 12-16)     1.   1. A customer network management is used to look at the QoS classes associated with VCIs across an ATM link interface. What three MIB groups and objects are used to collect the information? Describe the relationship between them.   2.   Most cable modem manufacturers use QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) for downstreamand QPSK (quadrature phase shift keying) for upstream traffic on HFC. Explain why this is done.   3.   Why isn’t satellite communication used more extensively for BWA? Mention the reason(s) behind that.   4.A home network is a type of local area network with the purpose to facilitate communication among digital devices present inside or within the close vicinity of a home. List the main components of a home network?   5.   XML has features that make it valuable for developing an XML-based Network Manager. Briefly mention these features.

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