BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS (ISYS2056) Sem 2 2019ISYS 2056 Business Report Seme

BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS (ISYS2056) Sem 2 2019ISYS 2056 Business Report Semester 2, 2019 Page 2In summaryUndertake descriptive and predictive analysis of the data Joeline has maintained overthe past two years. Present your findings in a professionally presented report:• Provide an overview of profitability trends (past and present) undertaking predictiveanalysis.• Discuss the results of your descriptive analysis and options for future sales growth(based on the requirements of Abdul and Joeline).• Discuss at least one other action which you believe could assist profitability and issupported by the data you have been given.• Make recommendations with regard to future changes which might assist in furtherimproving profitability. Briefly justify these recommendations (i.e. prescribe whatshould be done and why this would be helpful, drawing on your predictive andprescriptive analysis).PREPARING THE BUSINESS REPORTReport ContentThe analysis, findings and recommendations which you prepare for Jane should be outlinedin a professional business report.This report should include:? A title page – with a relevant graphic, report title, student name/number, course name(Business Information Systems), course number (ISYS2056), your workshop time andyour workshop tutors’ names.? A Table of Contents (TOC) automatically generated by Microsoft Word. Defaultsettings for the table of contents should not be altered.? A brief introduction which outlines clearly the purpose of the report.? A discussion regarding the results of your analysis. Possible options for increasingfuture profitability have been included.? Identification and discussion of one further action that might improve profitability(which has been identified through your analysis)? A short concluding summary of the major findings of the report (supported byfigures).? Clear recommendations that Joeline and Abdul can adopt. These recommendationsmust be drawn from the analysis you have carried out and must have been discussedin the body of your report.

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