Objective(s)This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the

Objective(s)This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor. Thisassessment is designed to improve student presentation skills and to give students experience inresearching a topic and writing a report relevant to the Unit of Study subject matter.INSTRUCTIONSThese instructions apply to both the Presentation and Research Report assessmentsPresentation and Participation – 10% (weeks 9-12)For this component you will be required to do a 5-10 minute presentation on an academic paperon Knowledge Management, Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Modelling or KnowledgeEngineering. The paper you select must be directly relevant to these 3 topics. The paper can befrom any academic conference or other relevant Journal or online sources such as GoogleScholar, Academic department repositories etc. All students must select a different paper, thusthe paper must be approved by your lecturer or tutor before proceeding. In case two studentsare wanting to present on the same paper, the first who emails the lecturer or tutor with theirchoice will be allocated that paper.A grade of 10% of the Units mark will be awarded for your presentation and your participation inother student presentations. Prepare a PowerPoint slide presentation for your presentation.Note: if class numbers are large the presentation may be organized into groups.The presentations will occur in sessions 9-12 on the academic calendar and the order ofpresentations will be by arrangement, but these will be evenly spread over those sessions.

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