Explain the concepts of software development within key industries.

Learning Outcomes AssessedThe following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:• A3. Apply business information software for data visualization and analysis purposes;• S2. Review a range of information system applications;• S3. Interpret and construct representations of business data flow and processes;• K2. State the uses of emerging technologies within key industry contexts; and• K6. Explain the concepts of software development within key industries.Assessment DetailsThe Digital Revolution is not limited to the past – we should expect changes to continue for theforeseeable future. The aim of this assessment is for you to explore how IT might change a particularindustry in the future, based on current trends and upcoming technologies.For this assignment, you need to create a short video. There are many different tools available to helpdo this; Windows Movie Maker is available in the labs. It is also acceptable to perform a single-takevideo using a smart device or webcam.Your topic must be automatically generated, based on your student ID. Please use the TopicGenerator link in Moodle, and choose only one of the topics available.Topics are of the form:

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