Describe ways in which media reflects a culture.

Prompt: For this assignment, you will use presentation software (such as PowerPoint or Prezi) to create a rough draft of the final presentation that you will submit for Final Project Part Two. 
Be sure 
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to include the following critical elements in your rough draft: 
Create an engaging introduction to your presentation that includes a concise thesis. You should remember who your audience is and attempt to appeal to them directly within this introduction.
Incorporate appropriate terms and concepts from the course materials throughout your presentation. Your use of these will demonstrate your comprehension and ability to incorporate them fittingly. 
Describe ways in which media reflects a culture, providing evidence to effectively support your discussion.
Describe ways in which media creates a culture, providing evidence to effectively support your discussion.
Include a clear and purposeful graph or visual.
Create a conclusion that solidifies your findings and arguments, identifying how they fit with past, current, and future trends. Present your research in an effective and engaging manner, geared towards your intended audience. 
Effectively use visual content geared towards your intended audience.
Speaker Notes: provide speaker notes that further explicate the terms and concepts you integrated from the course materials. Your speaker notes should also contain the bulk of the information you would give your audience verbally. 
Suggested Pathway for Success: Have you ever developed a presentation before? If not, follow these tips and tricks to ensure that your first presentation is a success: 

Use a cohesive theme throughout. Both PowerPoint and Prezi offer themes that can easily unify your presentation and give it a polished look.
Start off by adding the number of slides you will need. Then, using the title box put a one- to two-word descriptive title that will help you sketch an
outline. It will be helpful to use the outline you created for Final Project Part One for this. Make sure you incorporate your instructor’s feedback.
Fill out the title and references slides. Pull these references directly from the activity in Module Four and Final Project Part One.
Insert your visuals or graphics. You worked with these visuals in Module Three and again in Final Project Part One.
Insert your chosen quotes from Final Project Part One. Make sure you put them in quotation marks and attribute the source correctly.
Finally, fill in the rest of the details as per your outline and justification paper from Final Project Part One. Try to keep the details on the slides minimal
and let your speaker’s notes do a lot the work. Your speaker’s notes are what you would say if you were delivering this speech to an audience, whereas the slides themselves are a visual aid. You can refer to the article 10 Tips on How to Make Slides That Communicate Your Idea, from TED’s In-House Expert for more tips and tricks.

Good luck! And remember, if you need any assistance, reach out to your peers and instructor in the General Questions discussion topic. 
Guidelines for Submission: Submit your rough draft as a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation of 8 to 12 slides with speaker notes and cover and reference slides (APA format). 
Please note that the grading rubric for the dry run submission is not identical to that of the final project. The Final Project Part Two Rubric will include an additional “Exemplary” category that provides guidance as to how you can go above and beyond “Proficient” in your final submission. 

What are the fundamental differences between the way music is used and viewed in Africa and in the U.S.?

Write a paper comparing and contrasting the ideas about music in Africa to the use of music in the U.S. 
Focus most of your attention on the three beliefs and values of African music and the Shona proverb “If you can talk, you can sing; if you can walk, you can dance.”
Based on these ideas, what are the fundamental differences between the way music is used and viewed in Africa and the way it is used and viewed in the U.S.? Are there any similarities?Why do you think these differences exist? How has knowing these differences helped you understand African music so far?
paper must be at least three pages in length, not including headers, footers, or 

What specifically do you do as a consumer in the stages of a high involvement purchase like buying a house or a car?

Week 2 Discussions: Each part must be at least 200 words. Clearly label each part and list references.
Part 1: Buyer Behavior
The typical buying process consists of the following sequence of events: problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and post purchase behavior. What specifically do you do as a consumer in each of these stages in a high involvement purchase like buying a house or a car? List the four main psychological processes as discussed in the text and what should marketers do to manage these four psychological processes affecting consumer behavior?
Part 2: Customer Needs
Visit GE Healthcare In context to the major points of chapter 5, define how GE is addressing the needs of their hospital customers by the design of this Web site? Where and what is GE doing right, what is GE doing wrong, and where can GE improve using marketing research? In context of chapter 3, where can GE improve using marketing research?

Required Resources:

Finch, J. (2012). Managerial marketing [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

Read the following chapters in Managerial marketing:
· Chapter 3: Market Research: Identifying Market Opportunities
· Chapter 4: Evaluating Market Demand and Forecasting
· Chapter 5: Analyzing Markets: Decision Making and Buyer Behavior

GE Healthcare

Is there a path forward for immigration reform today?

Topic: Is there a path forward for immigration reform today?  (600 words)

Please have a clear introduction, thesis statement, body, conclusion.

Only use the required sources below:

Explain the concept of health information exchange (HIE).

A one and a half to two page draft of your paper is due this week (you may certainly write more but a minimum of one and a half pages is required to satisfy the content criteria. Your draft should indicate how you plan to address project objectives and expectations, show some details from your research, and show the primary sources of information you have identified. Your draft may address any or all of the following objectives.
1.  Explain the concept of health information exchange (HIE).
2.  Explain the structure and types of HIE.
3.  Explain challenges related to HIE.
4.  Describe benefits of HIE for various stakeholders.
5.  Explain the role of clinical terminologies and data standards in HIE.
6.  Evaluate the significance of data quality characteristics in HIE.
7.  Describe your interest in HIE as a consumer.
8.  Discuss any state-specific HIE findings from your research.
Your HIE Paper should be primarily based on academic research but you can also use credible Internet sources such as the AHIMA, HIMMS, or HealthIT ones, as well as informational interviews with those involved in HIE.

Explain the consequences to men and women of reinforcing stereotypes of masculinity in media.

Click on the red Connect Now button on the screen above.
Click Login in the upper right corner and use your personal account information to access the film.
Watch and take careful notes over the documentary (above).
Complete the timed writing over the documentary below.

Works Cited
Katz, Jackson, and Jeremy Earp. Tough Guise 2: Violence, Manhood & American Culture. Dir. Jeremy Earp. Prods. Sut Jhally and Jason Young. Media Education Foundation, 2013. 
Jackson Katz analyzes how men are taught what it means to be a man from media and from other male figures in their lives, especially fathers and coaches. Watch closely at how he proves that media leads the way in defining what it means to be a man. Also look at how the consequences of that definition have a devastating effect on young men, their self-esteem, and their relationships with women and other men.
You will be doing something similar when you analyze your commercials. After you analyze your commercials, you will explain the consequences to men and women of reinforcing stereotypes of masculinity in media. 
***Trigger Warning: This film contains graphic depictions of real-life violence and terroism.

For this assignment, you will write a complete essay that answers a prompt over the documentary Tough Guise. You will have 50 minutes to complete your essay. Your essay must include the following parts:

An introduction 

A thesis statement 

Body paragraphs (you need more than one!)

Open with a claim
Include evidence from the work
Explain how that evidence proves your thesis

A conclusion

Grading rubric:

Introduction                                                  10 

Introduces the work

Body paragraphs that answer the prompt    65 

Topic sentence
Provides an example
Explains the example

Conclusion                                                   10 

Answers the prompt
Restates the thesis

Correct grammar                                         15
Total                                                            100

Explain how to eat healthy is one of the ways to combat potential obesity issues.

Prompt: Write a ± 550-word expository essay explaining how to eat healthy is one of the ways to combat potential obesity issues. 

Your essay should have 5 paragraphs (1 introduction with your thesis statement – 3 body paragraphs – 1 conclusion). 

In your essay, you must use some information or evidence from ALL of the five (5) sources below. Use direct quotes (no more than a couple of lines each using quotation marks); no more than 2 direct quotes for your all essay. Also, use paraphrased passages (usually 1 to 2 lines from the sources). For presenting evidence from these outside sources, refer to your CP, pp. 254-261.
At the end of your essay, you must have the “Reference List” section referring to the sources below. Refer to your CP, pp. 266-269, on how to present your Reference List.
§ CP, Unit 3: “It’s the Calories”, pp. 195-202

What are some of the ways that living in a tiny house can help to reduce our environmental footprint?

Type your response to the following prompt. Follow all normal formatting requirements (12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced, one-inch margins. Don’t skip extra lines between paragraphs). Write your response in paragraph form, with at least 18 lines for full credit. Consider this as freewriting—I’m not so concerned here with grammar or structure, just that you write at least 18 lines and answer the questions asked below.
Read pages 895 – 891.  Answer the question that Professor Wilson asks:  Can you have a good life on much, much less?
What would be some of the things you would be willing to do to minimize your environmental impact or life more sustainably?
What are some of the ways that living in a tiny house can help to reduce our environmental footprint?
What are some of the ways in which we might connect more with people by only returning to our homes as it is necessary (mostly only to sleep)?
Finally, why do you think the cost of housing has become quite so high?
Answer all of these questions, but this should give you plenty to write about.

Methods used to research customer needs and wants.

Assignment 3: Promotion and Pricing Strategies

“Entrepreneurs must determine what to sell, to whom and how often, on what terms and at what price, and how to get the product or service to the customer. In short, a marketing plan identifies a company’s target customers and describes how it will attract and keep them. The process does not have to be complex.” (Scarborough & Cornwall, 2015, p. 274).
With this assignment, you will address some of the basic areas within a marketing plan and help to refine your strategies for creating a successful business.
Using the business of a GYM, write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:
1. Identify its primary target market.
2. Specify three (3) methods you will use to research customer needs and wants.
3. Describe the marketing mix: a) product, b) pricing strategy, c) promotion, and d) placement/distribution.
4. Create a one-year advertising budget and plan that incorporates the use of various advertising media and publicity.
5. Include at least three (3) references outside the textbook.

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