PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS 2nd time I’ve had to get this assignment done! You are

PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS 2nd time I’ve had to get this assignment done!
You are a municipal budget analyst. Using your favorite search engine, locate the budget of a municipality that has completed a petition to file bankruptcy. Some examples include Detroit, Michigan; Stockton, California; Central Falls, Rhode Island; San Bernardino, California; Prichard, Alabama; and Vallejo, California.
Develop your case study findings and recommendations consisting of no less than 500 words in which you discuss the following:
Briefly describe the municipality’s demographics.
Evaluate the previous three-year trend of the municipality’s major revenue sources and expenditures.
Analyze the impact of the issues contributing to the municipality’s budget deficiencies.
Propose three alternative financing options.
This was the feedback I got from the professor:
For this assignment, you were asked to find the budget of a municipality that has filed of bankruptcy. Then, you were asked to describe the municipality’s demographics, do some trend analysis and analyze contributory issues. You were also asked to propose three alternative financing options.
You have picked Rhode Island, which is a state and not a municipality (City, County, etc.) and which does not meet the criteria for the assignment. I will open up another attempt and you can resubmit here before the due date with an appropriate municipality.

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Financial Markets and Institutions – Part 2 Overview Choose three types of secur

Financial Markets and Institutions – Part 2
Choose three types of securities from any of the financial markets covered in the textbook during Weeks 1 through 7. Pick securities you would enjoy researching for this assignment.
Write a 5–6 page paper in which you:
Analyze the role financial markets play in creating economic wealth in the United States.
Provide a general overview of each of the three securities you chose. Be sure to include such information as name, company it represents (if applicable), pricing, and historical performance.
Assess the current risk-return relationship of each of the three securities.
Recommend one strategy for maximizing return for the current risk-return relationship identified for each of the three securities.
Suggest how the Federal Reserve and its monetary policy affect each of the three securities today.
Determine whether each of the three securities is a good investment in the next twelve months, five years, and ten years. Provide a rationale for each security with your determination.
Use at least six quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
Determine how to maximize returns on specific securities, how they are impacted by monetary policy, and whether they are a good investment over time.

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Use one of the following sites (or multiple sites) below to research a company t

Use one of the following sites (or multiple sites) below to research a company that begins with the letter P.
Google Finance – To find such a company, begin by entering letters in the search bar. Click on the company you choose when it appears. A Summary page will appear. In the left column, you will see a link to Financials (if you don’t see this link, choose a larger company). Click on this link and then click on Annual Date. From the Income statement you can detect trends in revenue, gross profit, operating income, net income, and dividends per share. You can find other useful data on the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements.
Yahoo Finance – Once at the site, enter your company’s ticker symbol and click Search. Below the price of your stock, you will see links for Summary, Statistics, Financials, and Analysts. These will provide valuable information also.
Reuters – Once at the site, Near the top right, click on the magnifying glass icon. The icon will move to the left side of the screen. Enter your stock’s ticker beside the icon and then click on the icon. On the screen that appears, click on your company’s name right below NEWS. Click on Financials. On this screen, you will see ratios for your company and for the Industry in which your company operates. The ratios relate to Valuation, Dividends, Profitability, etc. You can use these ratios to compare your company with the industry.
In your thread, describe the industry conditions, the financial position of the company (relative to the industry and the company as a whole), the economic outlook of the company, and why you as a potential investor would or would not invest in this company. In determining your answer, please be sure to address some of the key financial indicators that helped to determine your decision to invest or not to invest. Please note that while you are giving your opinion, you should avoid using first person.
The purpose of Discussions is to generate interaction among students in regard to relevant course topics. For each thread, you must support your assertions with at least 2 citations in current APA format.

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Watch the “Understanding Your Financial Brain” Great Course video below and comp

Watch the “Understanding Your Financial Brain” Great Course video below and complete the quiz. (Links to an external site.)
Question 1
How did Dr. Finke to avoid letting his fear push him into selling his stocks?
Group of answer choices
His students persuaded him
His wife persuaded him
His financial planner persuaded him
His mentor persuaded him
Question 2
Which part of the brain do we use most for making our day-to-day decisions?
Group of answer choices
Limbic system
Prefrontal Cortex
Brain stem
Pariotal lobe
Question 3
Which of the following is an example of a commitment device described in the video?
Group of answer choices
Question 4
Fill in the Blank: The best plan is one that keeps our _____ in check.
Question 5
Fill in the Blank: Linking stock performance with future _____ helps you to avoid emotion when bad returns happen in the present.
Question 6
Fill in the Blank: _____ is the reason why many of us underperform the stock market.
Question 7
How do advisors try to shift investors reference point?
Group of answer choices
By providing annual statements instead of quarterly.
By providing careful financial counseling.
By hiding losses
By diversifying the portfolio
Question 8
What is the example given of someone who focuses on a reference point? when making decisions?
Group of answer choices
A gambler
A vlogger
A planner
A politician
Question 9
What do our emotions tell us to do when sentiment is low and stock prices fall?
Group of answer choices
Buy bonds and sell stocks
Sell bonds and buy stocks
Buy bonds and buy stocks
Sell bonds and sell stocks
Question 10
Fill in the Blank: As an academic, I see a lot of evidence that _____ doesn’t always equal success.
Question 111 pts
Fill in the Blank: Selling a losing stock means a fight with the _____.

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