Overview The purpose of this task is to encourage students to expand their think

Overview The purpose of this task is to encourage students to expand their thinking through reading and sharing of their ideas in a Web 2.0 format used by many project managers.Timelines and Expectations Percentage Value of Task: 20% (30 marks) Due: Week 11 — Friday of the Week at 4:00 pm Minimum time expectation: Preparation for this task will take approximately 20 hoursLearning Outcomes Assessed The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment: KS. Research and critique current and future issues in IT project management in a global context. S2. Demonstrate theoretical and practical implementation of leadership, team building, and performance management approaches for IT projects. S3. Utilise decision making and problem solving approaches to resolve and pre-empt range of problems on IT projects. A1. Construct written and verbal approaches to developing and presenting IT project documentation.

Purpose:This assignment aims at Understand various qualitative and quantitative

Purpose:This assignment aims at Understand various qualitative and quantitative research methodologies andtechniques, and other general purposes are:1. Explain how statistical techniques can solve business problems2. Identify and evaluate valid statistical techniques in a given scenario to solve business problems3. Explain and justify the results of a statistical analysis in the context of critical reasoning for a businessproblem solving4. Apply statistical knowledge to summarize data graphically and statistically, either manually or via acomputer package5. Justify and interpret statistical/analytical scenarios that best fits business solutionAssignment Structure should be as the following:This is an applied assignment. Students have to show that they understand the principles and techniquestaught in this course. Therefore students are expected to show all the workings, and all problems must becompleted in the format taught in class, the lecture notes or prescribed text book. Any problems not donein the prescribed format will not be marked, regardless of the ultimate correctness of the answer.(Note: The questions and the necessary data are provided under “Assignment and Due date” in theBlackboard.)

Topic is influenza Subject Business Intelligence 1. Bibliography – find, rea

Topic is influenza Subject Business Intelligence 1. Bibliography – find, read and evaluate (CRAAP test) 2 sources as a basis for group discussions and brainstorming 2. Data construction (each member of the group has to do at least one data construction task) 3. Result of exploring the data – each group member will submit result of their exploration of the dataset (what was done, why it was done, what was the result, what do you think about the result) 4. Data quality analysis (what are the problems, can they be fixed? How data quality will influence the validity/trustworthiness of results…). Refer to data quality dimensions to structure this deliverable.

Question Three: 30 marks: 2,250 wordsJoan and Henry Marsden are a retired couple

Question Three: 30 marks: 2,250 wordsJoan and Henry Marsden are a retired couple from Bayswater. They decided to usesome of their retirement funds to purchase a new motorhome to travel with. Afterchecking out several caravan and motorhome dealerships, they stumbled acrossCatapult RV’s Pty Ltd (“Catapult”), a medium-sized dealership in Frankston.In early March 2018, Joan and Henry met with Mark, a sales representative fromCatapult. Joan and Henry told Mark that they wanted a motorhome with “off-road”capabilities and low fuel consumption. As they walked through the dealership, Joanand Henry were shown the Catapult Grand All-Terrain. Mark told Joan and Henry thatthis was the best value-for-money motorhome that could go completely “off-road”. TheCatapult Grand All-Terrain was, in fact, one of the more expensive motorhomes andwas only suitable for limited unsealed road usage (not “off-road”).Joan and Henry noticed that the Grand All-Terrain was much bigger than the othermotorhomes they had been shown. They were quite concerned about how efficientthe vehicle would be and asked Mark whether the fuel consumption would be under20 litres per 100km. Mark responded, “not only is this one of the cheapest, but alsoone of the most economical. My guess is that this model would consume much lessthan 15 litres per 100km, even fully loaded. Tell you what, if you buy today, I will giveyou a special price. $650,000 for everything you see here, including the upgradedappliances and furnishings.”Joan and Henry were impressed with these statements and immediately entered intoa written contract with Catapult to purchase the Grand All-Terrain, a document thatsurprised the couple with its brevity. The contract required Joan and Henry to payCatapult $650,000 on pick-up of the vehicle and included the following disclaimer:Catapult provides no warranty or guarantee that the caravan ormotorhome sold to purchaser will be fit for any purpose, howsoeverdescribed or disclosed. Catapult disclaims all liability and will not beresponsible for any losses suffered or incurred by purchaser, arising outof, or in connection with, the use of the caravan or motorhome onunsealed roads.About three weeks later, Joan and Henry returned to pick up their Grand AllTerrain motorhome. Although the interior was a different colour to themotorhome that they had inspected, they were excited and paid Mark the$650,000 in full. The couple went on to tell Mark about their plans; firstly, a tripto Northern Queensland in May before a separate trip to Perth across theNullarbor Plains in November.Joan and Henry told Mark that they would need a suitable trailer for the Perthtrip. This was to transport furniture to the couple’s son in Adelaide along theway. Mark tells them that he has the perfect trailer for $57,000, and althoughnot in stock, it would be ready by the time they got back from Queensland. Allthat was required was a deposit of $5,700. Joan and Henry paid the $5,700deposit. No written agreement was entered for the purchase of the trailer.

1. Regina is currently a practising Australian Legal Practitioner working as a L

1. Regina is currently a practising Australian Legal Practitioner working as a Lawyer at HarrisonLawyers in Victoria and recently read a story of Twitter feeds regarding a solicitor who was struckoff the practising roll for failure to make full disclosure of academic misconduct, which jolted hermemory that she did not make a full disclosure of academic misconduct which happened backwhen she was studying Criminal Law.2. The incident involved academic collusion although she describes it as a minor incident where shediscussed an individual assessment with a colleague, and they were overheard by anotherstudent who reported them leading to a disciplinary hearing and being awarded a zero mark forthe assignment. No formal record was recorded, and she recalls not disclosing this incident whenshe first applied to be admitted as a Lawyer because she felt it was ‘minor’ and felt the ‘UnitChair overreacted’ and that it was never formally referred to the university Board.3. Regina is now getting worried she should have disclosed this incident as part of her applicationfor admission to practice with the Victorian Legal Admissions Board (“the Board”). This concernforms the basis for her need for advice as she ‘doesn’t want to be struck off the roll.’4. The second issue arises because Regina agreed to represent Mr Hayes, in a legal matter relatedto a Worker’s Compensation claim but got caught up in other tasks and did not get time topursue the matter to conclusion in line with the terms of the engagement. Regina did notcommunicate with Mr Hayes and found him to be ‘super annoying’ as he kept calling andemailing’ her when she was swamped. The presented facts are that Regina just ignored him andput his file aside until he emailed her after six months and informed her that he had sought legaladvice from another solicitor and blamed her for the delay in receiving his compensation. WhileRegina states that she has not received any formal complaint from the Victoria Legal ServicesCommission (VLSC), she is very concerned and seeking advice on whether her conduct in thismatter breached any ethical duties as she believes she did not do anything wrong but was ‘justtoo busy’.5. The third and final issue involves her conduct while representing her friend Mr Cooper , in a legalmatter . Regina has a personal relationship with Mr Cooper in this proceeding as she indicatedthey went to school together and could speak to him the way she did with no repercussions.Regina had on one occasion chastened Mr Cooper and called him ‘stupid’ and an ‘idiot’ forsigning the contract of purchase without consulting her first. On reflection, Regina believes shewas harsh but thought they are good friends. She now requires advice on whether her actionsbreached any ethical duties as she is good friends with Mr Cooper.

Online reviews can have a profound impact when consumers book hotels for tourism

Online reviews can have a profound impact when consumers book hotels for tourism purposes. You are to write an essay (give word limit) discussing:? the influence these online reviews or recommendations have on consumers’ hotel booking decisions, and? how the perceptions of the review readers might influence their attitudes and buying decisions, and? whether we are putting too much trust in the reviews or recommendations.

Gracious Industries is a private limited company with 35 employees and sales rev

Gracious Industries is a private limited company with 35 employees and sales revenue of more than$10.5 million during the past year. It has been in business for over 40 years and supplies electronicparts to a number of different businesses, including hardware stores and supermarket. The companyhas experienced a growth in orders over the last few years for some of its new green product ranges.However, Gracious has recently lost some key accounts because of being unable to produce some ofits products at a competitive price.Although the company hired an accountant who was keeping their books for them and producing thefinancial statements each year, the company thought they needed much more information to runtheir business efficiently. They felt that they needed to make an investment in an accountingsoftware to take their business to the next level.RequiredYou are required to prepare a report to evaluate and recommend an Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) system for Gracious Industries. The report should include the following components:? Business requirementso What are the key business processes for Gracious Industries?o What are the major control risks for the business processes of the company?? Systems requirementso What are some of the possible ERP features and functionalities that the companyshould consider to achieve their business objectives and minimise the control risks?? Software selectiono Visit the websites of at least three (3) ERP vendors and provide a brief description ofeach vendor and its products.? Vendor selectiono Compare and contrast the features and functionalities of two ERP software packagesoffered by the three vendors described in the report.o Which one would be the most suitable vendor and ERP software package for thecompany and why?

Case Study: MyTrip Travel Services (MTTS)MTTS offers first class and affordable

Case Study: MyTrip Travel Services (MTTS)MTTS offers first class and affordable holiday experiences to the Swinburne university students. Initiallya manual booking system, but changes and advances in technology, MTTS have transformed thebusiness using an online system. The current online system performs the basic operations ofmaintaining their current listing of the resorts (uploaded as a PDF file) and student enquiries.In addition to its existing functions, they would like to enhance their current website to promote theirbusiness. In the recent board meeting, it was discussed that bookings could be increased by enhancingthe travel experience before, during and after the trip. At this stage, MTTS’s main clients are SwinburneStudents. However, they don’t get any feedback from students after their trips. MTTS thought of a socialINF80014 – Assignment 2, S2, 2019 2networking system that would help them to collect student’s feedback about the resort. MTTS alsowants the resorts to be able to update all their information on-line once they are registered with MTTSsystem.Your Task:You, as a business analyst, are invited to assist MTTS with the upgrading of the existing online system.The above-mentioned information is what you all have about the system so far. However, you will getan opportunity to interview (max for 10 minutes) with Mr. Chris Nelson (the owner and CEO of MTTS) toask further questions (if there is any) about the up-gradation of the online system.This assignment has 2 parts: Requirement Elicitation (Part 1) and Requirement Modelling (Part 2).PART 1: REQUIREMENT ELICITATION (15% of the total mark)GuidelinesFor this task, you will be working in a team of 3 or 4 people. Working in a small team of 2 requiresapproval from your lecturer. While in this assignment, you will be working in a team, there will be nogroup submission and every member of the team must submit a separate document for each part ofthe assignment.TasksEach group will conduct an interview with the client (represented by your lecturer or tutor) during Week6. Using the “Before the Interview” guidelines given below, teams need to prepare for the interview. It ishighly recommended that all team members of the team be present for the interview. Regardless of theinformation sent to your client (lecturer/tutor) as part of the interview process, you must still submit allthe mentioned items as part of your Assignment 2 submission via Canvas.

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