Ada was a wholesaler and retailer in the jewellery business. A friend of hers, R

Ada was a wholesaler and retailer in the jewellery business. A friend of hers, Roberta, was an importer of fine jewellery and sold the jewellery in three shops that Roberta owned. There was no business connection between Ada and Roberta.Ada discovered that Roberta was importing jewellery at a much cheaper price than Ada paid.After making extensive inquiries, Ada located the name of Roberta’s supplier: Qualstone Co. in Sri Lanka.Ada contacted Qualstone and ordered jewellery pieces at $50 per piece. Ada signed the contract in Roberta’s name but for Ada’s own financial benefit. She did not have the consent of Roberta to enter the contract.Roberta discovered the transaction and wants to obtain the benefit of the contract.

IntroductionIn Assignment 1, you were required to work in small groups to report

IntroductionIn Assignment 1, you were required to work in small groups to report to Mr MichaelBrown, CEO at BlueParcel on their enterprise architectures as well as offeringrecommendations to improve the situation. In Assignment 2, you are required to reflectupon and evaluate the group work as well your own practice and report your reflectionand evaluation using the 4R’s framework.DeliverablesYou’re required to submit an individual report:• To reflect and analyse your assignment group’s performance and operation usingthe six ISO 38500 Principles as a frame of reference and incorporating yourunderstanding of responsibilities and accountabilities one needs to have in anIS/EA role. Your reflection and analysis should be based on and refer todocumented group activities for example Cloud discussions, meeting minutes,application of group techniques, deliberation process and deliverables.• To reflect and analyse your own individual contribution to the group (referring todocumentary evidence of individual contribution)• To identify and analyse the impact of the group work on your learning ofenterprise architectures and governance.• To draw lessons for your future IS practice

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Side Panel Expand side panel Breadcrumb: Week 1 Discussion PreviousNext Discussion Before beginning work on this week’s discussion forum, please review the link “Doing Discussion Questions Right,” the expanded grading rubric for the forum, and any specific instructions for this week’s topic. By the due date assigned, submit your answers for twoscenarios to this Discussion Area. Start reviewing and responding to your classmates as early in the week as possible. You should review and critique the work of other students as outlined in the expanded rubric by the due date assigned. Select two of the scenarios listed below and explain the best solution for each. Include comments related to any ethical issues that arise. You should locate at least one scholarly source from the SUO Library or one case that has been decided or is currently pending to support your answer. Scenario 1: Jurisdiction and Choice of Law. Three friends from Florida were going cross-country skiing in Michigan. Shirley, the first skier came to a stop sign on the trail, waved at her companions and stopped. Jackie, the second to approach, was going too fast to stop, veered to the left and tripped over a log. Jane, the third skier was going so fast she clipped Shirley’s skis, fell over Jackie and slammed into a tree. Jane broke bones in her right arm and leg, which required surgery to repair the injuries. Jane filed a lawsuit against Shirley and Jackie in a trial court in Florida, claiming that each of her friends was liable to her for their negligent skiing. A Michigan statute specifically stated that snow skiers assumed the risks associated with skiing. Florida law did not contain an assumption of the risk rule regarding skiing. The two defendants made a motion for summary judgment. Does Michigan or Florida law apply to this case? Explain Scenario 2: Constitution Paul Mitchell, a student at Raleigh Egypt Middle School learned he received a “D” in his history class, which meant he would have to attend summer school. Mitchell posted on Facebook that his history teacher and the principal should be shot. Mitchell also posted a cartoon that showed the teacher’s head on a body that had been mutilated. Mitchell’s mother instructed her son to remove the post, but he refused. The principal suspended Mitchell for the last month of school and contacted the police. Determine whether Mitchell’s statement and resulting actions by the school violate the First Amendment. Provide support your answer.

BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS (ISYS2056) Sem 2 2019ISYS 2056 Business Report Seme

BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS (ISYS2056) Sem 2 2019ISYS 2056 Business Report Semester 2, 2019 Page 2In summaryUndertake descriptive and predictive analysis of the data Joeline has maintained overthe past two years. Present your findings in a professionally presented report:• Provide an overview of profitability trends (past and present) undertaking predictiveanalysis.• Discuss the results of your descriptive analysis and options for future sales growth(based on the requirements of Abdul and Joeline).• Discuss at least one other action which you believe could assist profitability and issupported by the data you have been given.• Make recommendations with regard to future changes which might assist in furtherimproving profitability. Briefly justify these recommendations (i.e. prescribe whatshould be done and why this would be helpful, drawing on your predictive andprescriptive analysis).PREPARING THE BUSINESS REPORTReport ContentThe analysis, findings and recommendations which you prepare for Jane should be outlinedin a professional business report.This report should include:? A title page – with a relevant graphic, report title, student name/number, course name(Business Information Systems), course number (ISYS2056), your workshop time andyour workshop tutors’ names.? A Table of Contents (TOC) automatically generated by Microsoft Word. Defaultsettings for the table of contents should not be altered.? A brief introduction which outlines clearly the purpose of the report.? A discussion regarding the results of your analysis. Possible options for increasingfuture profitability have been included.? Identification and discussion of one further action that might improve profitability(which has been identified through your analysis)? A short concluding summary of the major findings of the report (supported byfigures).? Clear recommendations that Joeline and Abdul can adopt. These recommendationsmust be drawn from the analysis you have carried out and must have been discussedin the body of your report.

1400 words Harvard References. A written report that will include the following

1400 words Harvard References. A written report that will include the following information: (compulsory report attached) a. Perform a macro-environmental analysis of the industry. b. Identify and describe the segments (and segmenting variables) used in this industry. c. Make a recommendation as to the segment of the market you think the company should look to invest in, and provide justifications for your choice. Cover page: Title of the assignment, name, id, tutorial time and day, name of the tutor, word count not including executive summary, TOC or references and appendices. Executive Summary: Summarize all sections of the report in a succinct manner, and include recommendations (One paragraph max.) Table of Contents: put contents with page numbers Introduction: Purpose or report, product chosen, marketing theories used, structure of the reportetc. Macroenvironmental analysis. Impact of key variables: identify and explain the impact of key variables in each of the environmental factors Market segmentation and targeting: Analyse how firms or the industry conducts segmentation. Segment profiles (characteristics of the segment) and product offered to each segment Based on your analysis, recommend one/more than one segment(s)

Question 2: Infographic/poster You are required to design an infographic/poster

Question 2: Infographic/poster You are required to design an infographic/poster that would be used on financial planner’s website or displayed in their office. The purpose of the infographic/poster is to explain to investors how the differences and similarities between two shares which are in the same sector using fundamental analysis. E.g. Compare ANZ bank to Bendigo, or compare NAB to Bank of Queensland Bank (BOQ). The poster should be self-explanatory and contain real information. So you need to conduct additional research because you will need to use actual investments. Make sure to reference your sources in the poster. The aim of the poster is to communicate essential information about equities to an audience with limited financial knowledge on this topic. Here are some useful website references: Infographic/poster websites: Otherwise, you can use Adobe Photoshop or PowerPoint to design the infographic/poster. Website for information on shares: Yahoo Finance Market Index U need to include those information 1. need to comment on The Macro Environment, i.e. consists of 6 different forces. These are: Demographic, Economic, Political, Ecological, Socio-Cultural, and Technological forces. 2. Need to state the core business of the identified firm. 3. what about capital market performance 4. What period is the share price movement over? 5. to include your contact details for clients to call you 6. benefits of both side 7. fund size, current price, total assets, total lability and equity

BACKGROUND AND QUESTIONS In the Indian state of West Bengal many farmers work a

BACKGROUND AND QUESTIONS In the Indian state of West Bengal many farmers work as sharecroppers (bargadars in the Bengali language), renting land from landowners in exchange for a share of the crop. The traditional contractual arrangements throughout this state varied little from village to village, with virtually all bargadars giving half their crop to the landowner at harvest time. This had been the norm since at least the eighteenth century. However, because of the extreme levels of deprivation among the bargadars many thought this was unfair. In 1973, 73% of the rural population lived in poverty, one of the highest poverty rates in India. In 1978, the newly elected Left Front government of West Bengal adopted new laws, called Operation Barga. The new laws stated that: • Bargadars could keep up to three-quarters of their crop. • Bargadars were protected from eviction by landowners, provided they paid them the 25% quota. Both provisions of Operation Barga were advocated as a way of increasing overall output and the incomes of the farmers. Indeed, Operation Barga was subsequently cited by the World Bank as an example of good policy for economic development. One study suggested that Operation Barga was responsible for around 28% of the subsequent growth in agricultural productivity in the region. The empowerment of the bargadars also had positive spillover effects as local governments became more responsive to the needs of poor farmers. Q1 Use your knowledge of economic incentives to explain the possible reasons for the success of Operation Barga in increasing overall output of the region and the incomes of the farmers. (3 marks) Q2 From a consequentialist perspective, was the introduction of Operation Barga ethically justified? (6 marks) Q3 Using a deontological ethical framework, construct an argument either in favour of Operation Barga or against it. (6 marks) Q4 Did the introduction of Operation Barga result in a Pareto improvement in allocations between the farmers and landowners? Explain your answer. (3 marks) MACQUARIE BUSINESS SCHOOL Department of Economics Q5 What can Pareto efficiency tell us about the fairness and equality of allocations? When discussing your answer be sure to reference the specific case of Operation Barga. (4 marks) You are now asked to model the trade-off between free time and production for an independent farmer named Mamata who owns the land on which she works. If Mamata was able to work 24 hours a day she could produce 4 tonnes of rice (the principal food crop cultivated in West Bengal) each day. You are told that Mamata’s utilitymaximising choice is to work for 8 hours and produce 3 tonnes of rice. Q6 Use the model of decision-making under scarcity developed in week 3 to show Mamata’s optimal choice of free time and rice production. On this diagram be sure to label and define her feasible frontier, set of indifference curves and optimal choice. (5 marks)

Essay: Evaluation of a health promotion project and planning a social media camp

Essay: Evaluation of a health promotion project and planning a social media campaign Rationale In addition to supporting the development of robust aims and objectives, understanding the ’logic’ and theoreti- cal foundations of a proposed practical intervention is important in ensuring the delivery of quality health promotion interventions. Evaluating a health promotion intervention is a critical part of project planning and implementation, as this is how the effect of the intervention is measured. Evaluation can take many forms (process, impact, outcome). The rationale for this assessment task is to ensure that students can demonstrate competence in the evaluation of health promotion interventions. Task The main aim of this assignment is to focus on planning an evaluation of a health promotion initiative/intervention. To help you with this assessment, you will be involved in the delivery of an intervention on one of the University campuses for R U OK Day - campus events will run on Thursday 5th September from 11.30am-2.30pm. If you are unable to attend and deliver your program on the allocated campus event day, you must notify your unit coordinator ASAP and they may request you submit a special consideration request with supporting evidence. You will be provided with a brief by your client during a lecture regarding the objectives of R U OK Day and this will also be available on vUWS. To practice for your main report, you will plan out specific intervention strategies aligning with overarching interventions that will be explained in class. The specific intervention strategies that you select must meet the objectives of R U OK Day. For your report, you are to select a health need that is of interest to you. Based on an intervention that tar- gets this health issue, develop a Logic Model to evaluate this intervention. You cannot select R U OK Day as your intervention as this will be used in class to provide examples of how to develop a logic model. You will be given opportunity to receive feedback on your logic model and evaluation plan in class and in a on- line Zoom session. Students are required to submit the following as part of the assessment task in a report format. 1. A Logic model plan for a health promotion initiative/intervention2. An evaluation plan based on the Logic Model3. A word description of the evaluation plan being implemented in this project and4. A critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluation plan (NOT the program/initiative itself). Criteria You will be assessed on the following: 8 The quality of the Logic Model you have developed. The way you have developed the evaluation plan and the components of the evaluation plan for your particular project. The description of the evaluation and the depth of knowledge you can provide on the evaluation plan in a written format. Part II (300 words max) Rationale Social marketing campaigns are used in health promotion to assist in the adoption and maintenance of healthy be- haviours and are therefore useful for health promotion professionals to use. Task The development and rationale behind a marketing campaign to promote the Health Promotion intervention that you selected in Part I (no more than 300 words). You may submit extra material in the form of the methods used in your media campaign if you wish (a separate Turnitin link will be set up for this). Criteria You will be assessed on the following: – Significance/relevance of the topic chosen– Appropriateness of the campaign for the target group – Innovativeness of the campaign and method used– Clarity of the Media release– Spelling, grammar and formatting A 10% deduction for exceeding the word length by more than the allowable 10% will be applied. The word count does not include the reference list. Ensure your document includes double line spacing and 12 font Arial or Times New Roman. Resources: Resources: Part I: Health Promotion texts will be useful in identifying a range of Logic Models for evaluation planning. E- valuation in a Nutshell by Nutbeam (2014) will be particularly useful. Read other recommended readings and library texts in evaluation planning to assist with this task. Part II: Find as many examples of health promotion programs using social marketing approaches to target the area of health need/population you have chosen.

1)To demonstrate knowledge of broad business principles with depthofunderstandin

1)To demonstrate knowledge of broad business principles with depthofunderstanding of at least one business discipline2)To develop effective oral and written communication skills3)To develop the skills to demonstrate a broad understanding ofbusiness principles and demonstrate depth in at least onediscipline4)To develop the skills to allow the acquisition and synthesising ofinformation within a complex professionalsetting5)To develop and apply skills in critical thinking, complex problemsolving and decision making6)To develop and apply knowledge of the social, economic, ethical andcultural contexts of business

ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION:Online reviews can have a profound impact when consumers

ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION:Online reviews can have a profound impact when consumers book hotels for tourism purposes. You are to write an essay (give word limit) discussing:? the influence these online reviews or recommendations have on consumers’ hotel booking decisions, and? how the perceptions of the review readers might influence their attitudes and buying decisions, and? whether we are putting too much trust in the reviews or recommendations. ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION:The key sections to be included should be written in accordance with the guidelines for writing essays. Your essay must include:? Reference from academic journals supporting your argument.? Correct argument essay structure. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills handout on Essay writing.