Mosbey Inc. is working on its cash budget for June. The budgeted beginning cash balance is $23,000. Budgeted cash receipts total $195,000 and budgeted cash disbursements total $194,000. The desired ending cash balance is $39,000. The excess (deficiency) of cash available over disbursements for June …


Ethyl chloride is used as a local anesthetic it works by cooling tissue as it vaporizes the heat of vaporization is 26.4 kJ per mol How much heat could be removed by 10 grams of ethyl


Calculate the ?G° at 298 K for the following reaction:
Fe2O3 (s) + 13 CO (g) –>2Fe(CO)5 +(g) 3CO2 (g)
-824.2 -110.5 -733.8 -393.5

?H° (kJ/mol)

87.4 197.6 445.2 213.6

?S° (J/mol • K)

forty percent

Forty percent of law students who sit for a bar exam pass it the first time. From the binomial probability distribution table, the probability that in a random sample of 12 law students who will sit for the bar exam, at most five will pass it the first time is _________because: _____________________…

functional groups

Describe the structure of the functional groups in each of the following families;
a) alkene
b) alcohol
c) amine

Accounting Problem

Jackies is a large, locally-owned general retail business operating out of a single location. A condensed version of their most recent annual segmented income statement is given below (all amounts in thousands of dollars).
CompanyDept ADept BDepts C-F
Sales$3,450$ 345$690$2,415
COGS 1,538 179 345 1,014
Gross Margin 1,912 166 345 1,401
Sales Salaries 737 88 153 496
Dept Manager 236 35 48 153
Advertising 50 5 10 35
Occupancy 120 14 16 90
Genl & Admin. 290 29 58 203
Net Income$ 479$ (5)$ 60$ 424
Because Department A has been running a loss for several years, the store manager is thinking of eliminating the department. She believes that there is limited additional demand for the products carried in adjacent Department B. If A were closed, B would expand into half of its floor space, with the rest being walled off and left vacant. Sales of Department B would be expected to increase 30%, with the same sales mix. A 20% increase in sales staff in this department would be necessary; these positions could be filled by existing staff from A, with the rest being laid off. Because Department A currently attracts some customers to the store, it is expected that sales of Departments C-F would decline 3%. Occupancy costs include such costs as property taxes, insurance, and utilities, and are allocated on the basis of square footage. The proposal to leave some space vacant would save $2,000/year in utility costs. All advertising is general for the entire store, and the cost is allocated to departments based on sales. General and administrative costs include general store management and support personnel, and are also allocated based on sales.
Advise the store manager as to her plan to close Department A. Include any necessary calculations.


a. The Phoenix plant of Baldo Chemical processes alphazine into betazine and gammazine. A batch consists of 20,000 gallons of alphazine, costing $11,000. Processing costs are $52,000, and results in 14,000 gallons of betazine and 6,000 gallons of gammazine. Raw material and processing costs are allocated to the two products based on number of gallons. Betazine can be sold for $15/gallon. Gammazine can be sold for $9/gallon, or it can be processed into deltazine. Deltazine can be sold for $12/gallon. Additional processing costs for a batch of deltazine are $15,500. Should Baldo sell gammazine or deltazine? Explain.